Tech Industries to Consider Investing In

The tech industry is growing at a pace that it always almost outruns itself. Saw a new phone that you thought was the best and the most innovative? Give it a few weeks, and something more powerful will come. Saw a new app that solves one of your problems? After an update, it can do even better.

Most of these changes in the world of tech had become a part of the lives of a lot of people, even an essential part of their lives. This is why whether it can be as complicated as building your startup, or as simple as developing mobile casinos, a lot of people are starting to think of investing in tech. But with the many options to choose from, where would be best to invest?


Nowadays, almost everything runs on or at least uses, data. Working on a computer? You use data. Owns a store? You use data to manage your orders and inventory. Whenever you work with data, you have to make sure that whatever you are working on remains secure. This is what makes the industry of cybersecurity a lucrative one to invest in. Surprisingly, this does also apply to remote access and control systems, including the likes of mobile access control for elevators and entry systems in buildings. As more and more types of businesses seek to have better cybersecurity, the demand for it grows and with newer solutions coming in regularly, there is always something new to offer to clients.


Fintech, a word coined from the words finance and technology, is a very wide range of financial solutions that were made possible through the use of modern technology. These can include mobile banking, online banking, contactless payments, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrency use in major and minor transactions.

These fintech innovations, and more, have changed how people manage their money and make transactions forever. Gone are the days when the only way to manage your account with a bank was to either make a phone call or visit the bank directly. Now, straight from a mobile app, you can do most things you want with your account.

By the numbers, the global fintech market is expected to reach a value of $305 billion by 2025, with a CAGR growth of 21%.

Online Gambling

Although not a popular opinion by a lot of experts, the industry of online gambling is one tech sector that managed to grow exponentially in the past years, especially in 2020 and particularly when it comes to mobile casinos. People have discovered the ease, convenience, and many benefits of online gambling that either they did not get from traditional land-based betting or something that they never thought would be how gambling would work.

By 2028, it is projected by the Fortune Business Insights™ that online gambling is expected to hit a global size of $159 billion exhibiting a CAGR of 11.4% within this forecast timeframe. By comparison, it was recorded that the online gambling industry was valued at a worldwide worth of $66.72. The majority of the recent success of this industry can be attributed to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic that crippled a lot of land-based businesses–but opened a door for an online business that is wider than ever.

Based on this projection alone, an investment in an online gambling business has the potential to yield more than 100% returns by 2028.

Although the above-mentioned markets all have the potential to be a promising channel for your investments, always remember that there are risks in every type of investment, although some may have more risk than others. Still, make sure to study the sector you’d like to invest in thoroughly, before dishing out big amounts of money. Always remember that a wise investment will most likely yield great returns.