Tech and Innovation: Expanding The Importance of Players

Content produced by and for Suren Azatayan of DataArt

The land-based iGaming industry is going to evolve towards online and DataArt’s Suren Azatayan will explain in this article how operators can go towards the online platforms. She says that casino operators that are known to have a land-based casino should expand the player’s importance by having an online platform as well.

Everyone is Moving Online

Casinos that already offer online platform games are seen to have a significant spike in their activities. Players are known to prefer to play online so it is natural to see more and more connections towards a website. For example, in Atlantic City land-based casinos that can be found also online had grown in popularity in 2019. Besides, not all US states allow casinos to get online as well, however, there is still hope.

Because there is a competition between these platforms, it is vital that operators take steps to ensure that their platform appeals to the players. This is the only way to remain popular with players and the keys for building an engaging online presence are front-end interface, robust back-end systems, and content.

The front-end interface part is the website as we see. It is required that the website should look attractive and unique. Unique branding is able to create an engaging user experience. Nowadays, many users have access to the internet through mobile devices, so a website should be responsive to mobile devices too. In addition, you can also build an app which should be supported by both Android and iOS. This means that people can have access from everywhere, which is what they also wish to.

You can have the prettiest front-end around, but without good back-end support, the website will go nowhere. A website requires admin tools that can manage the site easier and the hosting has to ensure that the website or app will always be online and responsive. You can also get comprehensive analytics and third-party integration which are able to help you provide insights on how to grow your online presence.

When it comes to connecting to a website, it is good to have a decent on-boarding guide for the new users that want to connect. This will help them understand quickly and connect faster. Regarding an online casino, it is required to have a wide variety of games for players to play. And if possible, to have a live dealer as well. It is a plus and it will appeal to the players who prefer playing table games. In other words, quality, engaging content is what attracts the player.

Getting The Online Presence

For those who don’t have an online presence yet, there are three options for them in order to create an online platform. Operators should go with white label products, turnkey solutions, and custom-built platforms. However, only the first two can be implemented quickly, meanwhile the other takes some time.

The white label solution is the quickest option in which you can get it up and running. This solution will provide you with existing software that is already hosted by the provider, who also provides the required licenses. However, there can be some downsides, and one of the biggest downsides is the customisation. Here you can do minimal branding so you can let the players know who you are and what games you have, but the games and interface will look the same for every operator that is using this solution provider.

Besides, the appearance isn’t the only thing an operator can share. Everyone is operating with the same license, if someone behaves in a bad way, the operation is shut down. What else has a common share is the real-time transport protocol, the RTP.

The turnkey solutions is another pre-built alternative to a custom-built product. With these, the customisation level is higher and there is no license share or RTP. The setup time takes a little longer, and it is needed to get your own license and get someone who can handle the more complex customisation. In addition, the operator will be responsible for regulators and providers of third-party services.

Last but not the latest, if you want to be in an online casino business in the long term, you are going to want a custom-built solution at some point. The custom-built solution is developed from the ground up according to your specifications. You can have games and features that you want, give instructions on every aspect, appearance, and user experience of your online casino, and simplify any integrations with existing software that you may be using. This option is the most time-consuming.

Create New Content

If an operator already has an online presence, now it is the time to ramp up the content in order to remain competitive as new operators come. In addition, by improving your solutions you can provide more variety to the players. This can also mean a large-scale integration into your existing technology stack. By getting new content you can upgrade your existing technology.

Another good idea in improving your platform is the micro-services. They can break an existing technology solution into many different components, and each of these components operates autonomously. The micro-services helps in keeping some things running while you upgrade one part of the system. More and more infrastructure moves to the cloud, which is a switch to a server-less architecture that will help with the maintenance.

Content produced by and for Suren Azatayan of DataArt