The Tech Every Sports Fan Needs in 2024

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Sport and technology are two spheres that have become closely intertwined over the last couple of decades. Just a couple of generations ago, athletes and tech enthusiasts were two groups that were seldom seen together.

But, today, they’re a team that works in tandem to drive results on the field, track, and court and to make advancements in science and the way we live our lives.

For example, technological improvements in materials manufacturing means that athletes can wear garments that keep them cool and dry while they push their bodies to the limit. Meanwhile, the lessons learnt in competition have helped manufacturers to craft clothing products that are more comfortable in our everyday lives.

If you’re a sports fan in 2024, there’s a never-ending list of tech products and services that you can use to take your hobby to the next level. No matter if you’re a die-hard football fan, nuts about athletics, or a petrolhead who can’t stop talking about cars, here’s some of the tech you won’t want to go without.


Mobile Betting Apps


Sports betting has always been popular amongst fans, but it’s enjoyed a second wind in recent years that’s taken it to a whole new level. Much of this is down to smartphones and mobile betting apps that have made the process of picking and making a bet infinitely easier.

No more traipsing down to the betting shop or casino to place a wager. Just whip out your phone, open a betting app, scroll through the list of options, and in a few more taps, you’ll have a piece of the action.

But the internet hasn’t just made the act of placing the bet easier, it’s also helped to make it quick and simple for punters to get the best value from their wagers. With comparison platforms, it’s possible to browse Oddschecker free bets for all the biggest and best bookies in the market, so you can see where best to place your bets in just a few easy steps and make the most of available offers.


Fitness Trackers


Fitness trackers have become all the rage in recent years. Companies like Fitbit have helped to make them accessible, while brands like Apple have been cramming fitness tracking tech into their other products.

While they may have started out as simple pedometers, modern fitness trackers are designed to record and monitor an entire suite of data points about your body and how it operates throughout the day.

Deciding which tracker is right for you can take a little deliberation, as the market is flooded. You decision will depend on what you want to track and the types of sports you compete in.

For general daily activity, an Apple Watch or a Fitbit could be all you need. If you need features like mapping and specialist metrics for cycling or running, then the likes of the Garmin Forerunner 955 is going to be better suited to your needs.

In team games like football, then you may want to go even further with a tool like the Player Data EDGE, which uses GPS data to track your position on the pitch so you can refine your techniques.


Augmented and Virtual Reality Headsets


Virtual reality headsets haven’t quite seen the explosive growth that we were promised about a decade ago, but they continue to chug along, slowly building a market. They’ve been helped in recent months by the launch of Apple’s Vision Pro, the tech giant’s first augmented reality headset.

Both the Vision Pro and Meta’s range of Quest headsets are great for sports fans looking to immerse themselves in their favourite activities. From enjoying immersive video content to competing in virtual reality events, donning one of these headsets can put you in the centre of the action.

VirtuallyLive, NextVR, and LiveLike have all been creating virtual reality experiences for fans to watch and engage in live events from an entirely new perspective.

Or, if you’d prefer to be more physically active in these virtual worlds, apps like Beat Saber, FitXR, VZfit, and The Thrill of the Fight are all great tools for getting fit and working on skills and techniques with your headset.

—TechRound does not recommend or endorse any financial, gambling or investment practices. All articles are purely informational—