Technology Redefining iGaming

The iGaming market is also affected by new tech innovations. We are in the midst of a fourth technological revolution, and it’s safe to say that every sector is more or less affected by digital technologies, from the way we operate our businesses to the way we interact with each other. Below we will take a look at the new digital technologies that are the main reason why iGaming is one of the fastest developing markets right now.

Mobile Apps

One of the latest trends in the gaming market is mobile casinos. Not only there are mobile casinos available through smartphones’ browsers for both Android and Apple devices, but also there are mobile apps for betting, bingo games, and other options. If you visit reliable platforms like, you will find that most new online casinos on the platform are mobile optimized whether as mobile apps which are downloadable the device of the user or through mobile websites.

This was a major step forward for the gaming market since it introduced new users to online casinos. That said, the transition to mobile gambling is possible due to the support of iGaming developers like Evolution Gaming, Pragmatic Play, Playtech, Microgaming and other prominent studios, which created mobile friendly games of chance. Their willingness to consciously implement new tech innovations is a major reason why the iGaming sector is thriving today.

Machine Learning Technology

Machine learning technology is widely used on digital platforms because it improves the experience of the users in multiple ways. It tracks users’ behaviour, collects data and derives valuable insights that would help the business provide a more personalized experience.

Online gambling establishments use machine learning technology in order to provide personalized recommendations based on the preferences of the users. Also, they can apply machine learning technology to provide customized bonuses that enhance the experience of loyal members, for example.

Machine learning technology is also used in the customer support sector. Chatbots are based on machine learning algorithms and are able to provide pre-programmed answers to basic questions. However, the real advantage comes from the ability of machine learning algorithms to learn over time and even predict future behaviour. Overall, it is an incredible tool that improves the online experience.