Tej Kohli: Working to Eliminate Blindness Throughout the World

UK-based investor Tej Kohli leads the field of investors in artificial intelligence. His investments in artificial intelligence he hopes will pay off one day with a cure to corneal blindness. He leads his a foundation and an institute that serve as humanitarian technologists to help solve heath challenges throughout the world.

His interest in artificial intelligence lies in the fact that he projects that industry will be worth $150 trillion in a couple of years. Kohli thinks artificial intelligence is the key to the future, not only in how we live and communicate, but also in that it can contribute to curing a variety of serious illnesses. Kohli is based in London, and actively works to invest in endeavours that will improve global operations and health. The UK has benefited greatly from the work performed by the Kohli Institute.

Tej Kohli’s Legacy

While Tej Kohli has already developed a legacy to be proud of, he works passionately to lead teams in the effort to cure corneal blindness. Through his leadership, he also works to provide education and basic necessity to under-privileged societies. While he may fall short of the goal to cure blindness, he will not fall short in his goal to improve the health for impoverished nations. He has already succeeded in this area.

Kohli puts his money where his mouth is. To prove he is serious about the future of artificial intelligence, he has donated several millions of dollars over the years. His donations pave the way forward for innovation and creativity as the world moves forward. Global health in general is an interest of Kohli’s, which is partially why he focuses on blindness. If blindness can be cured, the overall health and well-being of impoverished regions will drastically improve, and Kohli will be seen as a hero throughout the wold.

Entrepreneurial Accomplishments

No good leader is complete without an interest in mentoring, and Kohli definitely has that passion. Kohli Ventures, leads his entrepreneur endeavours, and helps him match up with the right young talent to mentor. The focus of these efforts are on technological companies in areas like artificial intelligence and robotics, since that is where his expertise lies. Any young student in technological fields would be lucky to have a guy like Tej Kohli mentoring him.

He is relying on his investment in artificial intelligence to directly affect the other causes he cares about in global health. If he can work to improve robotics and computer intelligence, then he can directly improve global health. Kohli’s core interests of artificial intelligence, corneal blindness, and global health all tie together linear. If you achieve success in one area, you are likely to continue to achieve success in the other areas.

At Home In London

London is home for the Kohli family. In addition to his professional pursuits, Kohli is married and a father of two teenagers, who go to school in London. He also enjoys ballroom dancing as a hobby and is not shy about his love for cars.