The best podcasts for start ups and tech to follow

These days there is almost a podcast for absolutely anything you want to listen to, such is their rise to prominence in the last five years, thanks largely to the phenomenal success of the crime investigation series Serial back in 2014.  But aside from unsolved murder mysteries, what about if you are an entrepreneur and are trying to gain inspiration from other successful business owners to propel your own business venture, or perhaps if you have an obsession for all things tech: what podcasts should you be listening to? We take a look at the very best podcasts for startups and tech to listen to from across the world and you can also see podcast statistics for 2020.

How I Built This

This podcast by the American broadcaster NPR is absolutely perfect if you are a startup, or hope to start your own company in the near future, as the main focus of How I Built This is about the stories of how huge companies have become successful, featuring insight from the very creators themselves. Every episode, the host Guy Raz speaks to a different entrepreneur (past guests have been no less than the founders of Ben & Jerry’s, the executive chairman of Starbucks, as well as some of the world’s leading startups, Airbnb and Instagram) to talk about how they managed to turn their companies into global behemoths. If you are feeling stuck when it comes to inspiration for your business venture, then this is the podcast you should be listening to.


If you want an easy way to keep up with all the very latest in tech (and usually coming from a business perspective) then check out this lighthearted podcast presented by Ben Thompson and James Allworth, who give their analysis on all things new in technology.


As an entrepreneur, important skills to have include being action-oriented and extremely decisive, so to help you become more productive and therefore successful, why not take a look at this podcast, Productivityist? Just 30 minutes long every week productivity strategist Mike Vardy and guests all discuss the best ways you can improve both your time management and productivity levels, featuring useful advice and steps you can take to easily incorporate into your own work.

The Wired podcast

Wired UK brings to its readers via its bimonthly magazine and listeners online through its podcast all the very latest on the effects of technology and science. This weekly podcast each week explores all the very best of business, design and tech that the Wired team has worked on in the past week.

This podcast is focused on absolutely every aspect of startups. Episodes cover everything from management, funding growth and business culture and each one is just 30 minutes long, making it perfect to listen to whilst commuting or if you find it difficult to listen to lengthy podcasts and keep interested.


TEDTalks Business

Love the TEDTalk videos? Then check out the TedTalks podcast specifically on all things business related

Almost everyone these days knows about TEDTalks, but did you know they have now ventured into the podcast world? In similarity to the videos, each episode of TEDTalks Business is just under 15 minutes long, and it includes from the world’s best business researchers, innovators and entrepreneurs.

Design Matters with Debbie Millman

Did you know that this podcast hosted by Debbie Millman is, in fact, the first every design podcast to ever feature on iTunes? With over 200 episodes to choose from featuring talks with leading entrepreneurs, designers, authors, artists and creative thinkers, there is plenty of opportunities to get yourself inspired.


Unsurprisingly, a podcast called Startup is indeed about startups. The show is hosted by Alex Blumberg (who was previously the producer of one of the world’s biggest podcasts, This American Life) as he documents his own experience of what it is really like to start your own business. And what is this business? Well, it is actually a podcast company, the now hugely popular Gimlet.  This podcast has now become so popular that Netflix is in the process of making a series about the story of this startup, featuring Zach Braff.


Heroine is a collection of episodes featuring in-depth conversations with women at the very highest echelons of tech and business. Each episode tackles particular issues, such as the one that features the vice president of Product Design at Facebook, who speaks about how calculated risk can be crucial when it comes to a company’s development and growth, as well as how to toe the line of your own comfort zone.

How Success Happens

With over 200 episodes to choose from, you’ve got plenty of episodes to choose from to get yourself feeling inspired.

The title of this particular podcast is pretty self-explanatory, with host Linda Lacina talking to people all about how success has happened for them.

Masters of Scale

Hosted by the LinkedIn co-founder and Greylock partner Reid Hoffman, who better to listen to advice from than this phenomenally successful entrepreneur? Masters of Scale provides an engaging and memorable podcast featuring founders from around the world and how they have managed to scale their businesses into successful brands.