The Rise of the iGaming Industry

The iGaming industry is massive, and it has flourished online for years now. Find out more about how it has grown and the innovations still changing it today.

For nearly as long as the world wide web has been around, there have been online casinos where we have been able to try our favourite games. Let’s take a closer look at the iGaming industry, and how it has grown over the years.


Getting Started

One of the first types of online gambling we saw at the start of the world wide web was internet poker. Though we might not have been able to enjoy slots and other card games from our own homes until a few years later, we would have been able to play a game of poker. Some of the original sites from the 90s still exist today, and many players still head there for a game of poker – retro style – when they can.

With the development and spread of online casinos came regulation and red tape. Many countries around the world put restrictions in place that either outright banned online gambling or tightly controlled it. Right now, we are seeing the development and spread of legal online gaming in the US. Some states are introducing new restrictions, others are letting online gambling launch with strict regulation. It will be very interesting to watch it all unfold.



Many Developers

An interesting thing that has arisen out of online gambling can be found in the form of the games on offer. Some of the companies that make games are very old and started out by making mechanical and video slots for land-based casinos. As the market grew for online slots, they began to develop these too. Head to some of the top 20 casinos out there and you will no doubt be able to find one of these producers who have made such a game.

On top of this, we have seen the launch of many new and innovative brands. These companies work hard to ensure that they are able to deliver new games that players can fall in love with. In this industry, it always feels like something is happening.



New Innovations

If you want to see some of the biggest tech innovations being put to good use, you need only look as far as the iGaming industry. Many people think that it is nothing more than slots and bingo, but the truth is that there is a lot of work done behind the scenes to ensure that the industry remains interesting and competitive.

For example, one tech that a lot of companies are looking at introducing is blockchain. Though traditionally associated with cryptocurrencies, many companies beyond casinos that accept this payment method are looking into some of the applications it might have here.

There is always something happening in the world of iGaming. There are already so many opportunities to explore and the developers behind the scenes are always searching for something new that could shake up the industry. The rise of the iGaming industry has not faltered quite yet. It will be extremely interesting to see how it continues to change in the future, and what new innovations might take root and flourish too.