When is a Bouquet a Good Personalised Gift?

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Colorful bouquets of flowers are an integral attribute of many special events. If in some cases it is still possible to do without flowers or present something else instead, in some cases it is simply necessary to give a bouquet. In this article, we will list the 6 main occasions when you should give flowers and discuss which plants are best to select.

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Giving flowers on someone’s birthday is a nice gesture that can make their day happier and make them feel special. On birthdays, it is customary to give a bright type of flowers for bouquet that conveys positivity and joy. Lilies, gerberas, chrysanthemums, and roses are perfect. You can also make a mix of a person’s favorite plants.

For the birthday, you can give young girls white daisies, light chrysanthemums, and cream gerberas. For your beloved woman, arrange a bouquet with red or burgundy roses. Birthday flowers can also be given to men. Florists recommend irises, carnations, and callas.




To give flowers is tradition for anniversaries, symbolizing love and commitment for your partner. Several traditional flowers are commonly associated with different wedding anniversaries:

  • For the 1st-anniversary, people give carnations. They symbolize young love, passion, and commitment, making them a perfect choice for a first anniversary
  • For the 5th-anniversary, daisies are a great option. Plants represent innocence, loyalty, and new beginnings
  • For the 10th anniversary, you can choose daffodils. The plants symbolize new beginnings, rebirth, and eternal life
  • For the 25th anniversary pick irises. They are often associated with silver anniversaries and symbolize faith, hope, and wisdom
  • Yellow roses are a classic choice for a golden 50th anniversary, emphasizing joy, friendship, and long-lasting love


Valentine’s Day


This romantic holiday is one of the best occasions for flowers to tell a person about your affection for your significant other. On February 14, it is customary to give plants, which are a symbol of love, sympathy, passion, and admiration. Plants that carry similar meanings are roses, orchids, tulips, carnations, gladioli, and peonies.

Red roses in the floral language mean passionate love. Since ancient times they have been inextricably linked with the goddess of love Aphrodite. Therefore, the most popular flower for Valentine’s Day is the rose.



Congratulate a friend or relative on their graduation with a bouquet of flowers to celebrate their achievement:

  • Roses are a classic option for any occasion and can symbolize achievement, admiration, and congratulations. Roses in yellow colors are often associated with success and joy
  • Carnations are long-lasting flowers that come in a wide range of colors and can symbolize pride, admiration, and accomplishment
  • Such bright and cheerful plants as sunflowers represent happiness, positivity, and growth. They are perfect for celebrating a graduation milestone
  • Gerbera daisies come in a variety of vibrant colors and are known to emphasize cheerfulness, success, and celebration
  • Elegant orchids represent strength, beauty, and success making them a meaningful gift for a graduate


Thank Yous


Tell about your gratitude to someone by sending them flowers as a token of appreciation for their kindness, support, or help. When expressing gratitude with flowers, choose blooms that convey appreciation, warmth, and sincerity. Here are some options that are perfect for saying thank you:

  • Vibrant and cheerful, gerbera daisies are a popular choice for showing gratitude to people. They come in a variety of colors and represent happiness and gratitude
  • Lilies are elegant and beautiful flowers that can convey a sense of gratitude, purity, and appreciation. White lilies are often associated with gratitude and respect
  • Roses are versatile flowers that can be used to express various emotions, including gratitude. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and joy, making them a great option for saying thank you
  • Carnations are long-lasting flowers that come in many colors, each with its own meaning. Pink carnations are often associated with gratitude and admiration


Get Well Soon


Sending flowers to someone who is sick or recovering from an illness can help lift their spirits and show that you care about their well-being. Green shades must predominate in the bouquet of flowers image. You should choose flowers with large green leaves, such as tulips. Also, chrysanthemums are suitable, which are considered a symbol of health and longevity and will help support a person after a long illness.

Remember to consider the recipient’s tastes and the message you want to send when picking the perfect plants for all gift occasions.

—TechRound does not recommend or endorse any services or products. All articles are purely informational—