Why is Mobile Casino Traffic Rising in the UK?

The UK online gambling industry has grown in leaps and bounds since the reformation of the remote gambling laws in 2015. The industry is estimated to have generated roughly £14.4 billion in 2018. Approximately 31.1% of adult Britons gamble at least once weekly. Mobile online casinos have played a big role in expanding online casino clientele. More Britons than ever are accessing online casinos on their mobile. Online gamers are also accessing a wider variety of games like bier haus slot machine online free game. Why has mobile online casinos taken the UK by storm?

Smartphone Ownership

84% of adult Brits own a smartphone. The highest ownership is in the 16-24 yrs. bracket, who have 98% smartphone ownership. The average Briton was spending 2hours 34 minutes each day online on their smartphones in 2020.  

Smartphones are the entertainment devices of choice, with many people spending their time on social media. Social gambling games have been the lure of many people into online casinos. These social games are free and shareable, which has helped spread their popularity. 

Internet connections have also sped up.  72% of people in the UK had access to 4G internet in 2019. The Internet is about to speed up even more with the launching of 5G networks in major cities. Mobile internet traffic overtook desktop traffic in 2016 and is now the preferred mode of accessing the internet. 

Soft Friction Gambling

Playing on their mobile does not conflict with other activities. For example, you can play a quick game of slots while riding the taxi from work. The game is a way of passing time. This is unlike gambling in a land casino which requires setting apart specific time. This is hard friction because it requires dropping other activities.

The convenience of playing on mobile is the biggest pull for people gambling on mobile. Online casinos are available 24/7 on mobile. You can play any time you are free to play. The wide reach of internet connectivity in the country also means that gamblers can play from most locations. 


The availability of mobile online casino apps has brought casino games closer to people who would otherwise shy away from walking into a land casino. Playing on a smartphone in the comfort of your home is a more attractive option for many people than going to a land casino. Many people are casual gamblers who will fish out their smartphones for a quick game when there is nothing else to do. Such a casual gambler cherishes the privacy of playing alone on a mobile.

More Variety in Games 

There are hundreds of games coming to the mobile platform every month. Game developers have realized most of their customers are on mobile and have responded with more games. Themed slot games have grown in popularity. These games take popular themes from movies, video games, or even popular products. The beer themed bier haus game is a good example.  

The choice of online casino apps has also grown. There are over  100 online casino apps in the UK. Gamers are free to install as many apps as they can. A gamer with 3-5 apps can access over 100 games. 

Sports Betting 

Most online casinos operating in the UK combine the casino games and sports betting. This access on one platform is very convenient for gamers, who can switch with ease. Sports betting fans can access thousands of sports betting markets across the world from their casino apps. It has seen mobile casino traffic increase dramatically, especially when there are major games happening.

Online mobile casinos will continue growing in popularity as entertainment options. The UK gambling market is attracting more gambling brands to offer even more choices to a growing clientele.

—Written by AWISEE