Why is Online Poker so Popular?

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or relative newbie to poker, the chances are you’ll enjoy the online scene much more than playing in real life. Granted, some players will prefer to go face-to-face with their opponent(s) but there are so many reasons that punters are opting to play online.

The choices via the World Wide Web are seemingly endless, and the technological advancements have made online gameplay as realistic as ever. Why though, is online poker growing in popularity in the UK?

Convenience of Playing

There was a time when playing a game of poker would have to be predetermined and arranged beforehand. Whether that was at a friend’s house or in a public tournament, you’d have to put in some leg work prior to playing, but the scene has completely changed that. Players can log in to their betting account and play from wherever, whenever. Even if that’s at three in the morning! It’s not just online poker fanatics who can benefit, all casino related games have become so much more convenient and can be enjoyed from any remote location.

Poker Face

The one strikingly obvious advantage of playing online is that your opponents won’t be able to ‘read you’ and therefore, try and exploit you. Astute poker players can often pick up on tendencies from playing a real-life game, but playing online makes this impossible. Technically, there are pros and cons to this as you can’t assess your opponent but from your perspective, it can provide a clear advantage as you suss out your next move. Revealing your poker face can often work against you so playing behind your phone/tablet screen will instantly nullify this threat.

Online Bonuses and Promotions

It’s pretty rare to sign up or join a certain betting company without earning some kind of new joiner/welcome bonus, and playing online poker is no different. As you can probably imagine, bonuses and promotions are typically reserved for new players and it can be an excellent way to keep a steady bankroll whilst you play.

No deposit bonuses are perhaps the most common form of promotion you’ll find online, so always be sure to check what you could be eligible for before you use your own cash. It’s always worth spending a few minutes checking out the latest offers.

Wide Variety of Games

If the evolution of online poker has taught us anything, it’s that we can play more than one game at any one time. In poker lingo, it’s the ability to “multi-table”, and this can be one of the biggest hooks for playing online. Some players will like the possibility of quicker hands and games etc but hardcore poker fanatics will love playing two or more games at once.

Playing multiple games can heighten your chances of winning, but only if you know exactly what you’re doing and it doesn’t necessarily need to be poker as your alternate option. Some may opt to spin the roulette wheel whilst deep in a tense game of Texas hold’em, the point is, playing online allows you to multitask, something which isn’t possible playing live.