Why Are People Changing To Revolut?

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Today there seems to be a new bank opening up every week claiming to be the best bank and it is hard to differentiate between each one. However, there is just one bank that you need to be considering and that is the online bank Revolut.

Although it may not be a traditional bank where you open up an account inside the branch, Revolut is strictly online. The company started in 2015 and are growing stronger every single year.

Great App

One thing that is important is a great app. Like many different sectors, a great app is important, according to the site tradingforexsites.com the best trading apps gain all the traction; the same is said in the banking world. With Revolut the app is easy to use, clear and pain-free.

The app has clear pointers to all the important things you want from a bank. For example on the home screen, after you have been securely let into the app access, you will see your balance, how to add money and how to send money to businesses or your friends.

Transactions For All Currencies

Loading up your Revolut card with money means that you can spend the money with ease of mind that they will be getting one of the best exchange rates possible.

When you do make a foreign transaction you will be notified of how much you spent in the local currency but also how much you spent in the currency you loaded the card with.

Cool Looking Card

One of the nice things that Revolut do is provide a nice-looking card. In a world where banks and business bank accounts are trying to stand out from the competition, Revolut really does provide a card that will jump out of your wallet and attract other people to ask what card you are using.

Rewards For Inviting Friends

This leads nicely to the amazing reward scheme that Revolut have. There can be lots of money to be made by recommending Revolut to your friends and family. It has been known that you can earn up to £200 when you get somebody to sign up for Revolut.

However, make sure when they do that they follow the sign-up instructions so you can get that much-needed reward.


So in 2021, there was obviously the crypto hype and the world had not seen anything like it before! People were making lots of money off crypto and Revolut users, who signed up to crypto, were making money as well.

The company’s value soared to $1.7 billion.


Much like crypto, stocks are also a big player with the bank and investment in companies can help you earn some extra cash. From starting at $1 in investment, you can build up an empire through Revolut.

Excellent Customer Service

Customer service is always key and Revolut does not skirt around that fact. They want their customers to be left happy and satisfied if they have any problems with transactions or a query about how to do something on their app.

Cashback Opportunities

Rather than signing up to a cashback scheme where you have to pay monthly, Revolut has lots of companies each month signing up to their bank so that customers can get money back when they spend at certain retailers.

The reward scheme can also be shown on a handy map for cashback opportunities near you.

Great As a Cash Card

Some people might be hesitant to commit their bank to Revolut straight away and that is understandable…at first. So people often use the card as a cash card instead of taking money out and having cash.

Once using it as a cash card, you will notice all the excellent benefits and want to switch your normal banking to Revolut.

Instant Transfers

No matter what bank your friends, family or even small business owner is with you will get instant bank transfers. Revolut does not mess around when it comes to sending your money to people and this in turn makes your life easier.

When you do transfer money you will get a handy notification on your phone that everything has gone smoothly and that the other person has your money.

It also comes in really handy when somebody else has Revolut because you are able to split bills, purchases or rent right down the middle (or even what portion you each owe). They get a notification and all they have to do is click to accept and then the money is paid. You can even say thank you by sending them a GIF.

—TechRound does not recommend or endorse any financial practices. All articles and information are purely informational—