Travelling to York on Business? These Places Could Be the Best for Lunch

York is one of the most historical and supposedly haunted cities in the UK. But the city isn’t just the sum of its historical buildings and surrounding countryside: York is also home to a thriving food industry. From Street Foods to Wine, we’ve chronicled some of the most exciting and popular venues currently active in York today. So whether you’re looking to take a partner for a casual business lunch or impress at a big meeting, one of these places is sure to meet the mark and dazzle your guests.

Street Food: Shambles Market

It’s taken street food a while to take hold in York, but it finally has a permanent location in the Shambles Market. The Marketplace is home to a number of street food stalls that range from all types of cuisine. From Italian to North African, Shambles Market has it all. If you’re looking to mix things up a little or be a little adventurous with your lunches then this culinary haven is the place to head.

Curry: The Raj

This location is a classic old-school curry house. The Raj, named for its founder, only opened in 2012 but it’s been impressing ever since. Winner of Open Table’s Dinner’s Choice Award and the finalist in York’s Tourism award for multiple years, this location is very popular with York locals. It also has the benefit of being one of York’s Halal restaurants. It is a dietary need that York caters to excellently and The Raj is one of many locations where you can find excellent Halal chicken.


Wine: Cave Du Cochon

If your lunch is supposed to be a little more sophisticated then the Cave Du Cochon is the place to be. Attached to the eccentric Le Cochon Aveugle, Cave Du Cochon is a casual wine bar that has established itself as one of York’s must-visit venues. This bar is known to put an emphasis on natural and small, independent wine producers, meaning it’s a venue of hidden surprises. The staff are extremely knowledgeable and are happy to make recommendations so there’s a good chance you’ll find something you were never expecting here and it’s perfect and sociable place to entertain.

Coffee: Perky Peacock Coffee

If you’ve only got a coffee’s worth of time to make a good impression then try Perky Peacock Coffee. Found within a medieval tower this location is sure to impress, as will its coffee. The Peacock is one of York’s many independent coffee shops, so don’t just settle for the norm.
As a hub for new businesses and start-ups, York is an exciting place to be and clearly its food scene is geared up to handle it. So next time you need to dazzle and impress, look beyond the chains into what this beautifully charming city has to offer: you’ll get more points for innovation than simply meeting at a Starbucks.