5. Felcana

Company: Felcana

Founder: Dr James Andrews

Website: https://felcana.com/pages/our-vets

About Felcana

We are a fully digital, RCVS-registered, veterinary clinic, developing pet health monitoring and telemedicine technology in the heart of London.

We’re an expert team of product designers, software engineers and – importantly – vets. Together, we have created a pet tech ecosystem that transforms pet care. Animal welfare is central to all vets. We are no different. Felcana is here to improve animal welfare – every day. Combining the latest technology, software, and product design we are simplifying access to affordable veterinary care.

We want every pet parent and vet to have access to the best advice and data, when and where they need it. And, keep in sync with your pet with Felcana Go – the activity monitor to keep cats and dogs at their best. Felcana Go tracks pet movement with precision. Paired with our free-to-use Felcana app, it generates activity, rest pattern and calorie burn insights. Based in London, globally focused. Felcana has users in 30+ countries and partners with veterinary organisations across the world.

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