9. PitPat

Company: PitPat

Founder: Andrew Nowell

Website: https://www.pitpat.com/

About PitPat

PitPat is flying the British flag for innovation as it unleashes a groundbreaking GPS tracker for dogs, at the world’s largest tradeshow for consumer technology. The highly anticipated GPS device builds on their hugely successful dog activity monitor, which has sold over hundreds of thousands of devices in the UK. As well as containing PitPat’s state-of-the-art dog activity monitoring technology, the GPS tracker also allows pet parents to locate their dog on a map if they go missing. Dog GPS trackers have been on the market for several years, but have been plagued with problems such as large size, short battery life, costly ongoing subscriptions and unreliable performance. PitPat’s new GPS tracker changes the game.

Not only this, but PitPat offers a wide range of perfectly portioned dog food – no more guesswork, it’s all specialised to your furry friend. You can weigh out your dog food in the PitPat Weighing Bowl before your pup tucks in. PiPat also comes with an app complete with free-of-charge access to a super-friendly UK-registered video vet any time of the day or night. Sign up to get your dog insured and use the Dog Activity Monitor, to keep your furry pal fit and healthy. PitPat is connecting dogs to the internet. Yes really, they’re not barking mad. They’re using the latest technology to help owners and pet care brands keep dogs happy and healthy.

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