Meet the Woman Taking the Crypto World by Storm

The world of cryptocurrency is usually thought of as saturated with male figures, and when we look at the top executives of such companies it is clear that the space is heavily male-dominated.

This isn’t the case for Giving To Services, in which their female CEO Leanne Holder is one of the youngest (if not the youngest) current cryptocurrency chief executive officers in the world. We catch up with Leanne to see how she got into cryptocurrency and find out more about Giving To Services, the cryptocurrency that gives back.


Leanne, tell us a little about yourself and some of your achievements?

I’m CEO of GTS and the lover of all things pink! I used to work at GTS as the Head of Relations before being promoted to Head of Partnerships and then I gained my position as Chief Executive Officer. Having owned multiple brands that have paved the way in both the automotive and the health industries I have become highly skilled in the building and directing of businesses. Some of my achievements include winning the Entrepreneur award in the Chwarae Teg Womanspire ITV awards as
well as being named in the UK’s Most Inspirational Female Entrepreneurs as well as ranking as a Top 10 Entrepreneur To Watch and being named in The 10 Young and Inspiring Businesswomen To Watch, globally.


Tell us about Giving To Services

Giving To Services is a company that provides a decentralised finance reward service to holders of the token ‘SVS’. A portion of the rewards generated for holders is donated to those professionals within the Health Service, Police, Fire and Military services, as a thank you for the sacrifices they make. The system is powered by the audited digital currency SVS, which enables transparent financial interactions between individuals, charities, institutions and other organisations connected with the provision of public services.


What are some things you have put in place recently at GTS?

We have joined many initiatives including the Crypto Climate Accord, as well as becoming members of Crypto UK, Fintech Alliance and Fintech Founders. We have also recently started the switch from ERC-20 to XRPL which will not only allow for
faster transaction times and lower transaction fees, but is also better for the environment. We were also recently awarded the Armed Forces Covenant Bronze Award which is something I am extremely pleased about.


What drew you to GTS initially?

Giving To Services is something that I loved the moment I saw it. The SVS token drew me in and I adored the concept of being able to use cryptocurrency to help others. I am honoured to be appointed CEO. Giving back is something that spurs me on each day, makes me feel great and is why I’m proud to be a part of this community. This is how I want every single member of the Giving To Services and SVS community to feel.


What is your mission as CEO of GTS?

My mission is this; we have already changed the lives of many. It is time to take that one step further and change the lives of absolutely everyone who needs our help through global philanthropy, using cryptocurrency and our impressive technology to
facilitate this. ‘Our Crypto Gives Back’ will always be the core of Giving To Services”.


Final thoughts, how is it being a female in the industry?

Being a female in a typically male-dominated industry is something I am used to within my previous career in the Automotive industry. I really enjoy the cryptocurrency world and everyone has been really friendly! Leading an all-male team isn’t scary as some would think; we are all in our respective positions based on our skillset and not on our gender so therefore we do not treat each other differently. I would love to be able to encourage more ladies into the tech space, in particular,
the cryptocurrency world and do my best across my social media to encourage and support where possible, while also standing up for the tech industry as a whole regarding topics such as gender equality/gender pay gap. I hope to be able to pave
the way for other women that are looking to become CEO’s within the space and motivate them along the way.