13. bilateralstimulation.io

Company: bilateralstimulation.io

Founders: Yanick Steinbeck, Benjamin Viehauser

Website: https://www.bilateralstimulation.io/

About bilateralstimulation.io


bilateralstimulation.io is used by over 15,000 therapists to provide EMDR therapy online.

Their founder Yanick was an EMDR patient himself and built the original version of the software to enable his therapist to practice online at the beginning of COVID.

Today they are the world’s biggest online EMDR therapy platform with over 15,000 active therapist users!

They also built a groundbreaking hardware device that enables tactile EMDR therapy over the internet – the first of its kind.

What has started as a COVID weekend project is now facilitating tens of thousands of weekly EMDR therapy sessions for patients all over the globe—no matter where they are.

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