17. Snyk

Company: Snyk

Founder: Guy Podjarny

Website: https://snyk.io/

About Snyk


Secure your proprietary code, open source dependencies, container images, and cloud infrastructure all from a single, unified platform.

The Snyk platform quickly finds and fixes security issues in proprietary code, open source dependencies, container images, and cloud infrastructure so businesses can build security directly into their continuous development process. Snyk combines the power of developer-first tooling with best-in-class security intelligence. Snyk is everywhere you are, providing actionable fix advice right from the tools and workflows you already use.

Snyk security researchers augment their expertise with advanced ML and human-in-the-loop AI so we can provide the most accurate, timely and comprehensive intelligence on the market. This security intel is the foundation of our platform, spanning the Snyk Intel Vulnerability Database, the Snyk Code knowledge base, and our Cloud/IaC unified policy engine. Easy integration throughout the SDLC – Snyk meets you where you are, weaving security expertise into your existing tools, so you can find and fix vulnerabilities right from your IDEs, repos, pipelines, container registries, and more.

Fast, accurate, prioritized, and guided – Snyk’s highly-accurate scanning finds vulnerabilities in real time and provides holistic prioritization context so you always know what to fix first. Actionable fix advice — and automatic fix PRs — help you take action faster and apply a fix. Governance at scale – Snyk provides the flexible controls and visibility you need to standardize security and enforce best practices across your applications without impeding development. Snyk integrates into the tools and workflows you already use, so you don’t need to learn a new app to stay secure.

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