17. SocialBee


Company: SocialBee

Founder(s): Vlad Hosu and Ovi Negrean

Website: https://socialbee.io/

Description: SocialBee offers social media management tools, teams and training services.




Just as every extraordinary company is founded either in a basement, shed or bedroom, co-founders Vlad Hosu and Ovi Negrean started SocialBee in 2016 from their homes.

The co-founders had one thought in mind: “How can we empower business owners to become their best versions on social media?”. Hosu and Negrean knew they needed a tool, a team, and knowledge to make it all happen. That’s why the entrepreneurs put together SocialBee, a social media management tool, a team, and started crafting as many guides and training as possible.

One challenge SocialBee had to overcome was in the fact that they wanted to keep SocialBee fully-bootstrapped, as well as disrupt the market with new features that reflect on one hand the ever-changing reality of the digital world, but also that’s easy-to-use and intuitive, even for a beginner.

SocialBee has doubled its monthly recurring revenue (MRR) each year, their plan to be able to serve even more businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

SocialBee is working continuously on launching new features, improving existing ones – all while offering consultancy and support for all their customers. At the moment SocialBee have over 18 million posts shared through their tool, and over 17K tool users (and this is only the beginning).