2. Thrive Learning

Company: Thrive Learning

Founder: Sean Reddington

Website: https://www.thrivelearning.com/

About Thrive Learning


Thrive Learning is the industry’s fastest-growing learning technology company, empowering over three million users across the globe. Thrive has replaced hundreds of traditional LMSs and content providers for over 350 global brands, and over the last 12 months has seen a 36% rapid growth in its customer base, securing enterprise clients including Frasers Group, Sysco and Volvo – delivering the industry’s best customer experience.

By capitalising on his learning technology knowledge and experience, and recognising that learning is a continual process, Sean Reddington saw a huge gap for an Instagram-inspired platform that combined learning, internal comms, skills, and collaborative knowledge sharing. Armed with an aim to revolutionise the industry, he founded Thrive in 2019 and changed the game of how to create ground-breaking new ventures.

Before Thrive, learning management systems and learning experience platforms were two separate things, never combined. Working alongside its customers and listening to feedback, Thrive wanted to create an all-in-one platform which enables companies to consolidate content, skills, and internal communications, helping employees learn fast and work more collaboratively. By working with customers including Vodafone, Sky, and Matalan, Thrive has been able to develop its platform to meet customer needs and address the whole picture while giving customers full transparency and a more holistic approach to learning.

But the innovation doesn’t stop there. Thrive is tripling investment in tech resource and product development. This will initially be used to build out Thrive’s functionality to support Coaching and Mentoring as the team strives to make the upskilling and goal setting journey even more collaborative. What’s more, Thrive will introduce AI-powered search, reporting, and content authoring, which applies what Thrive has learnt from harnessing its productivity-power in a secure and safe way for customers.

In summary, Thrive empowers learning and development leaders to create high-performing teams and prove the real impact of learning. Its modern-day LMS recognises the needs of learners and uses AI to make personalised recommendations which connect them to each other and provide endless upskilling opportunities. Rather than providing a one-dimensional approach, Thrive gains in-depth insight and listens to their customers’ specific requirements, creating a bespoke solution that is tailored to each learner. At Thrive’s core is their message to ensure the industry’s best customer experience. Backed by 99% renewals (only one platform cancellation in 4 years), 24-hour support, and 99% customer satisfaction, Thrive’s technology is built from listening to its users.

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