24. Anvil Analytical

Company: Anvil Analytical

Founder: Steve Harrison

Website: https://anvilanalytical.com

About Anvil Analytical


Anvil Analytical, is a disruptive SaaS provider that tackles the complex and recurring issues within strategic sourcing and supplier management.

Our solutions are used by businesses large and small across all sectors and geographies to improve third party spend management and to measure and mitigate their carbon footprint. Increasingly, used by Private Equity to leverage spend across their portfolio companies.

Founded on 1st January 2022, Anvil was born as the technology wing of 4C Associates, a leading procurement consulting firm. The products were initially used as tools deployed by consultants as part of advanced diagnostics linked to client projects before quickly developing into full SaaS offerings.

We’re incredibly proud of our heritage being one of a suite of tools developed by practitioners for practitioners around the world. Recently, Gartner Peer Insights has voted us the overall number 1 platform for Procurement Analytics (September 2023), and 100% of our customers on Gartner would recommend us. Our key points of differentiation are: Best value for money, depth of features, faster implementation times (3 weeks vs up to 3 months for competitors), superior service and support, plus the most advanced depth and detail of analytics and data.

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