3. Cyclr


Company: Cyclr

Founder(s): Fraser Davidson, Ian Pollard and Philip Bryan

Website: https://cyclr.com/

Description: Cyclr are an embedded integration platform aiming to help SaaS companies scale and manage integrations with their application through low-code tools.




The Cyclr platform was originally developed as a tool to solve an email marketing platform’s embedded integration needs in 2014. Quickly it became apparent that their needs were not uncommon, thus Cyclr was born.

Since then, the product has grown in scope, with over 400 application connectors available for users to connect to. The platform solves integration scalability issues by being offered in a shared hosting form and a Private Cloud instance.

Cyclr’s customer base has grown, servicing SaaS companies of all sizes (including Email Marketing Platforms, eLearning solutions, sales tools and many more), as well as enterprise companies using their iPaaS to manage data across a large scope of systems and platforms.

2020 saw the team grow significantly in size. 2021 will see this continue, as a funding round of £2 million has been secured to aid in the expansion of the company.