Company: RESOLV

Founder(s): Anishka Prasad

Website: https://www.theresolv.com/

Description: RESOLV aims to provide seamless and remote access to Online Dispute Resolution services to lawyers and mediators.




For resolution lawyers and mediators, running mediation sessions can be rewarding yet challenging – with various admin tasks becoming stressful and time consuming, while virtual meetings and discussions online run the risk of security breaches.

This is where RESOLV comes in, its online dispute resolution platform helping to provide lawyers with secured remote access to their clients.

Founded in 2019 by Anishka Prasad, RESOLV provides end-to-end mediation sessions via video meetings, which are encrypted and transcribed on a dashboard with consolidated workflow.

RESOLV offers a user-friendly dashboards for lawyers, offering up the following features:

  • Helps users keep records of all cases.
  • Stores data for GDPR compliance.
  • Enables clients to digitally sign agreements and contracts.
  • Helps users track and forecast their performance.

RESOLV offers eight modules which enables lawyers to keep track of their performance and meet anticipated targets to achieve the desired balance between firm costs vs lawyer’s productivity to achieve a profitable legal practice. Some of the challenges RESOLV have overcome are achieving results on a lean startup budget.

The platform were awarded the Innovate UK Sustainable Fund Grant for circa 100K, and have so far raised a total funding amount of £120K.