33. Attest

Company: Attest

Founder: Jeremy King

Website: https://www.askattest.com/


About Attest


Easy is good. Whether you’re a research newbie or an insights pro, Attest helps you reach your goals faster and without the fuss. Say goodbye to waiting on research agencies. Say hello to reliable insights—fast.

Step one: Get going right away with an intuitive platform, expert-written survey templates and pre-set audiences.

Step two: Fast-forward to the good bit with speedy results that arrive in hours, not weeks.

Step three: Unearth golden nuggets in your data with the help of our interactive results dashboard.

Step four: Use your insights to predict trends, seize opportunities and conquer the world! We work with hundreds of consumer panels globally to reach (125 million) diverse respondents with different motivations to take part in research. No dud answers here. We’ve built three layers of quality control into Attest, blending human and AI checks for consistently reliable data. Upskill yourself in the Attest Academy learning hub or get our in-house team of research experts on the case for more complex projects.

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