35. Vestd

Company: Vestd

Founders: Ifty Nasir

Website: https://vestd.com

About Vestd


Vestd is the UK’s first and most advanced share scheme platform for SMEs.

Launched nine years ago, companies use Vestd to issue shares and options to people who they want to incentivise, motivate and reward with a slice of the action.

Back in the bad old days, businesses would need to pay thousands of pounds to an accountant to set up an ineffective share scheme. Now, with Vestd, business leaders can pay affordable and flexible subscription rates to easily manage their own equity on our user-friendly platform.

**What’s the big idea?**

We know that share schemes create stable companies and accelerate growth!

In fact, 93% of our customers agree that share schemes have helped them to develop and 95% agree that their Vestd scheme helped them to attract and retain talent.

Share schemes drive success, and because of that, Vestd is actively shaping a world in which individuals and businesses are better off.

**Our culture.**

Our product might be financial in nature, but in many ways, what we are actually selling is employee loyalty, happiness and success.

100% of our team is spread across the UK, Europe and South America. They are happily supported with quarterly team retreats and frequent social and wellbeing sessions.

**Equality, diversity and ethical trading.**

The industry average for women in tech is a lowly 16% but 40% of our company is female. In addition to this, two thirds of our senior team are BAME.

We have high standards for ethical trading. Our clients need to trust us and that’s why we were the first (and continue to be the only) FCA regulated business of our type in the UK.

Because of this, we can’t (and would never) use scary smallprint. There are no nasty surprises. We are upfront and upstanding.

All of this adds up to why genuine customers have given us an average of 100% ‘5 star’ rating on leading software review site G2.

G2 places us as the very top provider in the UK, miles ahead of the nearest competitor.

**Our Corporate Social Responsibilities.**

We want to have a positive impact on the world, and this philosophy runs through everything we do.

We plant trees for customer referrals and support ‘Small Business Saturday’ to encourage people to shop locally for example.

**What’s next?**

We are constantly evolving the app and adding more features to make it more useful. We’d love to become the go-to facility for equity management, in the same way that everybody just gravitates towards Xero for accountancy these days.

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