37. Onfido

Company: Onfido

Founders: Husayn Kassai, Eamon Jubbawy and Ruhul Amin

Website: https://onfido.com/

About Onfido


Create trust at onboarding and beyond with a complete, AI-powered digital identity solution built to help you know your customers online. Automation allows you to acquire new customers and reduce costs while meeting global KYC and AML compliance. Put digital trust at the core of every customer interaction. Powered by fast, fair, and accurate AI, the Real Identity Platform brings together a global suite of identity verifications and signals into an easy-to-use orchestration studio. Prevent large-scale fraud attacks with a multi-layer approach to fraud detection. Now available as part of the Onfido Real Identity Platform, Repeat Attempts flags when users submit a previously seen identity document — even if it’s been altered to contain different data. Known Faces alerts when a face has been seen before. Device Intelligence recognizes risky IP addresses, bots, device integrity and geolocation. Together, these solutions add extra layers of fraud protection with no additional user friction.

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