39. Duffel

Company: Duffel

Founder: Steve Domin

Website: https://duffel.com/

About Duffel


Duffel is focused on democratising the travel industry through the use of easy-to-use APIs. We’re building infrastructure that underpins the travel industry in an effort to make it accessible for anyone who wishes sell travel. As we started our journey to make travel effortless, it wasn’t long before we hit hurdles; archaic software, regulatory and licensing pain, an endless chain of suppliers that add complexity.

The more we learned, the clearer it was that time, money and energy were spent overcoming these hurdles, instead of building new experiences for travellers. This is where Duffel comes in. Using our software platform, anyone can instantly become a travel seller. We’ve made great progress since being founded in 2017, building a team, launching our products, raising money and partnering with some of the world’s leading airlines.

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