41. Incident.io

Company: Incident.io

Founders: Chris Evans, Pete Hamilton, Stephen Whitworth

Website: https://incident.io/

About Incident.io


We make adoption easy by meeting your teams where they already work in Slack, and integrating seamlessly with all the tools you already know and love, including Jira, Statuspage, and PagerDuty. We guide your teams through the most stressful times. Now anyone can run incidents with confidence so you can scale your organization without slowing down. Create consistency instantly with our easy to build workflows. Automate tedious processes from sending update emails to execs to compiling post-mortems, so you can focus on fixing and building world-class products. Avoid duplication and reduce unnecessary distractions by running more transparent incidents. You can assign roles and actions, provide incident updates, and find an overview of all live incidents in your #incidents channel. Learn from incidents through automatically generated post-mortems, timelines, and your Insights dashboard so that you can build better products and more effective teams.

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