49. Zencargo

Company: Zencargo

Founders: Alex Hersham, Richard Fattal

Website: https://www.zencargo.com/

About Zencargo


With Zencargo, make your supply chain your competitive advantage and transform the way you meet demand, improve visibility, optimise your supply chain performance and move goods efficiently with the right tools and people. Make better, smarter decisions with our live platform. Build a resilient supply chain, improve strategies and make smarter choices with reliable data, enhanced visibility and advanced collaboration tools. Start tracking products at SKU level, monitor performance and catch exceptions.

You want to improve your supply chain processes, strategies and performance; we’re the leading digital freight forwarder to help you. Our award-winning logistics solutions are designed to open new opportunities and drive cost savings. You need more than a traditional freight forwarder. Our logistics experts act as an extension of your team to identify areas for improvement, provide solutions and keep up with your rapid growth. We strive to inform and solve supply chain problems by providing insights on market disruptions and supply chain challenges. And when you’re informed, your supply chain is more adaptable and durable. Our experts focus heavily on the value that they can provide your business. From diversifying your rates strategy to providing you with key insights to stay ahead of the game and beat your competitors.

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