Company: YOOBIC

Founders: Fabrice, Avi and Gilles Haïat

Website: https://yoobic.com/



The #1 Frontline Employee Experience Platform. Empower your teams with an app for communication, microlearning, and task management all in one place so employees have everything they need in the palm of their hands to be successful — and HQ has all the data they need for real-time operational excellence. YOOBIC addresses frontline teams’ challenges: our platform provides Communication, Learning and Development, Operations, and HR teams with the app they need to drive operational excellence while drastically improving the frontline employee working experience. When you fix the employee experience, you fix the customer experience. The YOOBIC ONE product suite provides businesses with the performance tools needed to succeed and thrive in today’s economic landscape. Do more with less, break down silos, and reduce costs — all while improving employee retention and customer loyalty. Connect, engage and interact with your frontline teams in real-time, gaining visibility into the field.
-Personalized and targeted newsfeed
-Read receipts and confirmations
-Chat, video call and live video streams
-Digital document library Onboard faster and upskill frontline teams continuously with gamified mobile learning and testing in the flow of work.
-Easy, zero-code training content creation
-Engaging course content
-Gamified training with quizzes, battles and scoring
-Collaborative social learning
-Motivating incentives and challenges
-Polls & employee feedback surveys Digitize your operations and streamline frontline team processes. Gain real-time visibility into operational execution and compliance.
-100% digitized checklists & audits
-Efficient task execution & assignment
-Unified health & safety and maintenance routines
-Streamlined standard operating procedures

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