61. Starling Bank

Company: Starling Bank

Founder: Anne Boden

Website: https://www.starlingbank.com/9dd97/

About Starling Bank


Banking. But better. Smooth saving. Instant insights. Beautifully organised bills. Starling is the full, free UK bank account you can open from your phone. Get instant alerts whenever you spend. Decide where to cut back or keep going, with a deep dive into your spending habits. Pay bills automatically from a ring-fenced Space in your app (and get a reminder the day before they’re due). We’ll even move the money over for you. Holidays. Rainy days. Lay out multiple goals, beautifully. Track your progress, effortlessly.

Create Saving Spaces, add images and switch on Round Ups to get there faster. Or set money aside to keep key business costs organised.

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