30. Duffel

Company: Duffel

Founder(s): Steve Domin, Tom Bates & Vincent Pastor

Website: https://duffel.com/

Description: The best API to sell flights online.




Duffel is a technology looking to bring the travel sector into the 21st Century. They recognise that many technologies from this sector are no longer suitable to match customer expectations and needs. Thus, they want to rebuild the key technology for the travel industry to make it more flexible and encompass all parts of the travel transaction – from checking bags to seat selection.

Steve Domin, Tom Bates and Vincent Pastor founded Duffel in 2017 and its headquarters are in London. The three founders boast international exposure and a range of professional backgrounds. Domin is the company’s current CEO, following his time as the head of platform engineering at GoCardless. Bates was formerly a product designer at Palantir Technologies. Pastor served as a customer sales director at Skillsoft.

Duffel offers a developer-friendly platform which allows users to search, book and manage flights from multiple airlines. Their specialised tools enables customers to search for flights from multiple sources with real-time pricing and availability. Extra such as baggage and lounge access, cancellations and refunds, and seat selection are also covered. Additionally, it can assist businesses of every size offer the best flight booking experience possible to their customers.

The company connects with many of the worlds leading airlines allowing flights to be sold seamlessly via a first-class flight API and creating a network of global airlines. They aim for one powerful API to encompass all aspects of the travel process.  Duffel is accredited by IATA and ARC to offer their clients and collaborators full security and peace of mind.

In their latest series B Funding, Duffel was able to raise $56.2M.