1. Wefarm

Company: Wefarm

Founder(s): Kenny Ewan, Jim Rhodes and Claire Rhodes.

Website: https://about.wefarm.com/

Description: The largest knowledge network and marketplace in the world, built for small-scale farmers.




Founded in 2015, Wefarm offer small-scale farmers the chance to both access and share vital information, services and products across the platform – all without needing internet access.

Wefarm is free for farmers to join, and helps them to become part of an extensive community (currently including 2.4 million farmers), where they can access support, knowledge, reviews and markets. The service helps those in the world of small-scale farming to connect to the recourses, and the people, that can help them become successful.

The startup was founded in the UK within a charity, developed initially as a pilot project to support smallholder farmers in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Wefarm was inspired by the desire to bring knowledge-sharing services to smallholder farmers from wherever they were in the world, helping to boost agricultural productivity around the globe.

Wefarm have raised investments with some impressive names, including Silicon Valley’s True Ventures. So far, the startup have raised a total funding amount of $32 million over the course of 11 funding rounds, their latest announced in March this year (2021) – a Series A that raised $11 million.