1. Nous

nous founders

Company: Nous

Founders: Greg Marsh & Christian Hølmer

Website: https://www.nous.co/

Business: Nous is a new service that helps households get smart and stay vigilant against the rising cost of living.


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About Nous

By telling Nous where you live and securely connecting your household bank accounts through Open Banking, they can automatically identify your utility providers and calculate what you should expect to spend with them, based on price rises and inflation. Your household forecast with Nous shows utilities, insurance, mortgage and NI all in one place, and Nous updates in real time so you always have accurate information to manage your finances.

The Nous platform gets smarter as each new household teaches their technology about providers and prices. They track which providers are acting fairly and spot those taking advantage, using that knowledge to help households.

“The cost-of-living crisis is hitting all households, but each one is affected in its own way. Nous launched in 2021 to make people’s lives simpler and fairer.”




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