10. Nibble

Company: Nibble

Founder: Jamie Frew

Website: https://nibbleapp.com/

Description: Nibble is an influencer marketplace for hospitality, retail & leisure.


Nibble Logo


About Nibble

Nibble is an influencer marketplace for hospitality, retail & leisure.

Hospitality companies have traditionally used PR companies to help them promote their products and attract new customers, however this is notoriously expensive, poorly targeted and hard to measure.

Social media makes it possible for anyone to create content and build an audience. Influencers are now monetising their following with paid endorsements, giving brands access to highly targeted audiences which have previously been inaccessible.

The influencer marketing sector is going through a hyper-growth period. But it’s the micro-influencers, those with up to 50,000 followers, that are uniquely valuable to hospitality and retail marketers due to their highly engaged, local following.

Despite the rise of this community as a crucial marketing channel, businesses find it hard to find and manage influencers as well as measure their impact. This is where Nibble comes in.

Nibble’s fully self-service platform enables businesses to list and share campaigns with influencers matching their brand through. Once the brand approves them, activities can be scheduled and the results measured in real-time dashboards. Payments and follow-up actions are all managed through the app providing a truly seamless experience for both influencers and brands.

The business won startups.co.uk’s “The Start-Up Series” in February 2021. Their first fundraising round closed in April of that year. In September 2022, they will launch their service officially having hit 300+ collaborations per month from their early access waitlist alone.




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