27. Sinequa

alexandre bilger

Company: Sinequa

Founder: Alexandre Bilger

Website: https://www.sinequa.com/

Description: Sinequa provides enterprises with powerful and intelligent search.



About Sinequa

Sinequa provides enterprises with powerful and intelligent search. Their platform combines deep natural language processing (NLP), rich semantic analysis, advanced entity extraction, and machine learning technology to automate the extraction of meaning from unstructured content. Sinequa’s platform supports professionals across a range of industries, from life sciences and financial services, to manufacturing and intelligence agencies.

It automates the analysis of millions of files and offers a 360-degree view of all data sources, processes, and expertise. With these capabilities, the platform drives informed decision-making and enables vital processes for customers, from drug discovery and delivery to safety and compliance.

From a technology perspective, they continue to innovate and expand offerings to meet customers’ needs. With the introduction of the Search Cloud, technology will be available via two offerings: the Search Cloud Platform, a scalable platform designed for large enterprises to build multiple insight apps; and Sinequa’s SaaS application, Workplace Search, which is powered by the Search Cloud and managed by Sinequa.




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