34. Architrave

Company: Architrave

Founder: Maurice Grassau

Website: http://www.architrave.io/

Description: Architrave transforms chaos into clarity by equipping asset managers with the digital tools to standardise all document related processes.




About Architrave

Architrave transforms chaos into clarity by equipping asset managers with the digital tools to standardise all document related processes. By combining our document management system and transactional data rooms with our consulting service, we eliminate the stress of finding and extracting data from documents.

In 2008, Founder and CEO, Maurice Grassau, was involved in the sale of a large commercial portfolio that stalled because key documents were missing. At the very last minute, a couple of days before news of the financial crisis broke, these documents were found and the sale was completed. If they had been found just a couple of days later, the transaction would have collapsed, costing billions.

Four years later, in 2012, Maurice founded Architrave so that asset managers could safeguard their assets against the type of disaster he had narrowly averted. By having all of their documents and data digitised and organised in one location, with Architrave, asset managers are ready to transact at the click of a button.

Clients come to them because they’re sick of working in document chaos. In truth, most asset managers’ real estate portfolio documentation is a mess. Why? Because of a quirk of our industry; real estate is the world’s largest asset class—and one of the slowest industries to adopt tech. This is a huge challenge for us.

Without adopting technology, asset managers are doomed to store, organise, and find all of their documents, of which there are many, themselves. The PropTech revolution is already here. If you work in real estate, sticking to the status quo may seem comfortable, but long term, it’s lethal. Their challenge is helping asset managers to realise this.

As the real estate market becomes increasingly competitive, quick access to the right documents is the difference between winning or losing critical deals, and ultimately, a company’s success or failure.

Nearly a decade since they founded Architrave, they have close to seven thousand assets on their platform with a net value of over 150 billion. Every single day they help asset managers cross the line first when closing big-ticket deals. When it comes down to it, that’s what counts. Clients such as Segro, LBBW, Deka, Beos, and BNP Paribas can attest to this.

They are proud to have created the UK’s first ever standardised document classification system in partnership with RICS and Drees and Sommer. This is a globally recognisable system that empowers asset managers everywhere to store and transact documents with ease and efficiency.

After success in Germany, they have made a bold entrance into the UK market with SEGRO, the largest U.K. REIT. They are excited to continue to grow their UK client base, with the aim of launching their solution into international markets in the coming years. Architrave also has its eyes on growing through acquisition, and is actively seeking targets to further strengthen our position.




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