36. BrandLab360

Company: BrandLab360

Founders: Dan O’Connell & Jennifer Drury

Website: https://www.brandlab-360.com/

Description: BrandLab 360 are global pioneers of V-commerce.


Brandlab360 - Line Gudnason


About BrandLab360

BrandLab 360 are global pioneers of V-commerce. As one of the earlier adopters of Metaverse technology, their platform enables companies and corporations of all sizes to elevate their business using virtual reality and gamification.

They have built a global reputation for providing virtual reality solutions for the fashion and beauty industry and their technology is now being developed and implemented to provide Metaverse solutions across a number of industries including Property, Events, Education and Medical Corporations.

BrandLab360 is one the fastest growing Virtual Reality SaaS companies in the world. They founded the company in 2016 when they recognised that a comprehensive digital solution was needed to effectively connect brands and buyers in the wholesale fashion industry.

After successfully launching the first BrandLab360 product to market, they embarked on a bold era of product development. They perceptively analysed that humans still want and need to feel immersed and connected when using a digital product. As a result, in late 2019, they launched their first virtual reality platform.




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