47. Blink

Company: Blink

Founder: Sean Nolan

Website: https://joinblink.com/

Business: A communications platform for frontline organisations.

Blink Logo


About Blink

Blink is a communications platform that transforms productivity and boosts staff satisfaction leading to increased retention at frontline organisations. They do this by giving frontline workers mobile access to everything they need, when they need it. People, processes, communications and applications, in one easy-to-use app. They are proud to be trusted partners to some of the biggest and most complex frontline organisations in the world, including Elara Caring, Network Rail and Domino’s.

Blink transforms conversations, productivity and retention at frontline organisations through one intuitive, flexible app. Blink does this by giving access – to what employees need, when they need it: people, processes, communications.

Blink is one of Europe’s fastest-growing B2B SaaS startups. Since their launch in 2019, they have grown their staff count from 14 to 80, opened offices in New York and Sydney, and raised over $30M in capital from some of the world’s most prolific investors.

As part of their $20M Series A, which valued the company at $100M, they signed an exclusive partnership with Workday, the leading enterprise HR software provider.

Speaking to TechRound, Sean said:

“Blink was founded with a mission to radically improve the daily lives of millions of frontline workers by providing digital access (from communications, applications, people and processes) through one app on their personal phones.

Frontline workers make up 80% of the global workforce, doing some of the most demanding jobs in the world, but while the modernisation of work over the past 30 years has benefitted desk workers, it left frontline workers behind. As a result, most frontline workers are digitally disconnected (no email address, work phone or laptop) and must rely on ineffective tools like paper and noticeboards. This means they lack access to accurate information, real-time communication and tools they need to thrive at work. That’s where Blink comes in.”




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