66. Climax Community

Company: Climax Community

Founders: Daniela Menzky & Steve Berry

Website: https://climax.community/

Description: Climax Community is committed to shifting the agenda from climate talk to climate action.



About Climax Community

Founded in 2019 and commercially launched in Q4 of 2021, Climax Community is committed to shifting the agenda from climate talk to climate action. Their data-driven solution, Climate Essentials, is a software platform that enables businesses, local authorities, and business networks to collectively reduce their carbon impact. During the company’s first three quarters of commercial operations, Climate Essentials has been used by 2,000 organisations.

Climax Community is directly responding to the critical need for collaboration and consistency in order to achieve net-zero commitments by bringing multiple stakeholders under one roof. The platform provides businesses with their own interactive carbon management plan to measure, track, and reduce their emissions. Although reaching net zero may feel daunting, Climax Community’s innovative platform is designed to be intuitive, engaging, and educational, by utilising flexible data-entry options and estimation algorithms. Businesses’ carbon data feeds into Climate Essentials Analytics, an aggregated dashboard for local authorities and business networks. By gaining insights into their ecosystem’s emissions (broken down by categories including supplier, industry, and location) organisations can strategically target reduction campaigns and drive progress.

The start-up has a strong foothold across the UK, working on regional initiatives with councils, BIDs, and business growth organisations. Their clients include West London Business, London & Partners, Digital Catapult, TechUK, and Buckinghamshire Business First, as well as being the Greater London Authority’s tool of choice for all 32 London Boroughs. Climax Community’s cutting-edge climate solution has not gone unnoticed; it is one of very few start-ups selected to participate in the prestigious GovTech accelerator programme run by PUBLIC, and it was a finalist for the 2022 Digital Leaders GreenTech Innovation award.

The company has ambitious plans for the future. Laying the groundwork for their success, Climax Community has three key objectives for the next year: (1) enhancing the estimation functionality and user-experience through an increased application of machine learning; (2) roll out Climate Essentials across 20 trade organisation and one-third of the UK’s 300 local authorities who have declared a climate emergency; (3) continue to grow the team by hiring software developers and content creators for their community page.

Accurately measuring emissions is the first step towards climate mitigation. In total, Climax Community has measured 245,869 tonnes of CO2e from business operations. Their subsequent tailored reduction plans have guided businesses to reduce a total of 5,154 tonnes of CO2e – equivalent to removing 1,111 petrol cars from the road for a year. By the end of 2022, the platform is expected to host 5,300 users. In ten years, Climax Community envisages themselves as a big data company, with Climate Essentials being deployed across the UK, Europe, and North America. This would help 100,000 SMEs reach net zero, and encourage 800 cities and large organisations to engage with their business ecosystems. Climate Essentials will deliver decarbonisation on a mass scale.




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