58. BrightHR

Company: BrightHR

Founder: Alan Price

Website: https://www.brighthr.com/

Description: A service which has developed HR software to allow employers to log staff absences, manage annual leave and create shifts and rotas.




About BrightHR

BrightHR passionately believes in the power of small businesses but could see employers struggling with the responsibility of HR and the time it took to manage. So, they set out on a mission to change that and launched the company in 2015.

The HR software lets employers log staff absences, manage annual leave, create shifts and rotas, and much more. When the customers’ needs changed overnight in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they had to respond fast, and created a full suite of brand-new innovative software to help employers manage new government guidelines and workplace regulations.

In January 2021, they launched VaccTrak—an online vaccine tracker that helps business owners record who’s had the COVID-19 vaccine in their business. VaccTrak has helped to record over 120,000 vaccination statuses in the UK—meaning that 12,000 businesses have been able to open safely thanks to our vaccine tracker tool.

They’ve also launched the care navigator this year, to help care organisations get tailored health & safety support so they can keep up with the latest law changes.

This central online hub gives business owners access to compliant risk assessment templates, CPD-accredited and RoSPA assured e-learning courses, and essential care-sector resources.

Recently, they’ve launched Bright Lightning—the UK’s first HR AI platform. This online advice tool gives business owners lightning-fast HR answers, so they can resolve their HR dilemmas quickly. It’s powered by a team of 50+ HR experts, with over 30 years’ experience advising business owners. And it’s completely free.

To raise awareness of our innovative and time-saving software tools, they’ve launched a new TV ad campaign #TheNewHR, starring the multi-talented Harry Redknapp.

By offering employers such innovative products, they’ve been able to retain clients and attract new business. They’ve taken on almost 12,000 new UK companies in 2021, and global businesses jumped up from 54,336 to 69,914. Just recently, they ranked 18th out of the top 100 fastest growing tech companies at the Northern Tech Awards 2021.

In addition, they are proud to announce that UK Business Tech Awards recently crowned them ‘SAAS Company of the Year’, highlighting the determination and growth over the years.

They’re extremely proud to be able to provide such beneficial software to customers at a time of desperate need. And they’re not slowing down, either. Over the next 12 months, they plan to grow our presence internationally and continue to offer free support to business owners in the UK, through expert services like Bright Lightning.




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