60. Solo

Company: Solo

Founders: Rider Latham & Emily Ewart-Perks

Website: https://www.getsolo.co/

Business: All-in-one app for self-employed professionals in hair, beauty, and wellness.


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About Solo

Solo is an online booking and scheduling platform for mobile beauty, hair and wellness therapists. The platform offers payment processing, diary management, travel planning, customer relationship management and business intelligence, with a seamless booking experience for clients.

The all-in-one app enables independent professionals to manage every aspect of their mobile business – from advertising their services and setting their prices, to tracking their income trends.

Rider Latham, CEO & Co-Founder of Secret Spa and Solo, said: “Solo is the next chapter in our mission to reshape personal care around individual professionals. Over 60% of the workforce are self-employed, and ultimately clients build incredible relationships with these entrepreneurs. It makes no sense that all the current software is designed for salons/spas and that freelancers renting a chair have little control of client relationships if they leave a location.”

He continued: “We believe this is holding back +100,000 UK freelancers from becoming standalone entrepreneurs. Solo transfers the power to the individual by enabling them to build a distinct business whether they offer bookings in a salon, at clients’ homes, or both. The pandemic saw 10% of salons close, so going into the current economic crisis, it is more important than ever that individual professionals take control of their business with Solo.”




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