10 Croatian Startups to Watch in 2024

As we step into 2024, Croatia’s startup ecosystem is brimming with innovation and growth.

From fintech to edtech, these ten Croatian startups are making waves in their respective fields, showcasing the country’s talent and entrepreneurial spirit. Let’s dive into the diverse mix of startups that are not just thriving but also shaping the future.


1. Mindsmiths: Advancing AI for Human-Centric Solutions




Mindsmiths stands at the forefront of AI innovation, focusing on the synergy between technology and human behaviour. Founded in 2019, this Croatian startup aims to make AI more empathetic and attuned to human needs. With €1.2 million in funding, they are pioneering tools that understand human emotions, motivations, and behaviours.

This approach opens new possibilities in healthcare, customer service, and beyond, where AI can offer a level of care and understanding previously thought impossible, making Mindsmiths a pioneer in human-centric AI solutions.


2. Agrivi: Leading the Way in Agritech Innovation


AGRIVI | Fil Rouge Capital


Agrivi, a Croatian agritech startup founded in 2013, is a key player in revolutionising agricultural practices. Recently, Agrivi raised a significant €3.9 million to expand into the U.S. and key European markets. This funding round, supported by South Central Ventures, the European Investment Fund, and other notable investors, shows the startup’s potential and impact.

Agrivi provides a data-driven farm management platform that aids farmers and agricultural enterprises in planning, monitoring, and analyzing various farming activities like tillage, planting, and harvesting. This platform is versatile, catering to both small-scale farmers and larger cooperatives. Additionally, Agrivi offers specialised solutions for winery management, enhancing traceability from field to bottle. This innovative approach to agriculture helps in optimising farm operations and improving sustainability, marking Agrivi as a significant force in the agritech sector


3. Gepek: Transforming Deliveries with a Community Approach


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Gepek, a Croatian delivery startup founded in April 2020, is reimagining package delivery with its innovative community-driven model. With an initial €500k investment, Gepek leverages a network of carpoolers to offer quick, efficient, and eco-friendly delivery services.

Their approach significantly undercuts traditional delivery times, delivering packages in as little as 30 minutes. Gepek’s sustainable model not only rivals conventional express services but also fosters community collaboration, making it a standout in the logistics sector.


4. PitchSee: Connecting Startups and Investors


PitchSee - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Founded in 2021, PitchSee is a Zagreb-based marketplace that is revolutionising how startups and investors connect. This platform allows startups to showcase their projects free of charge and directly engage with potential investors worldwide. It streamlines the investment process with concise video pitches, saving both time and resources.

PitchSee has raised €500k and is committed to being a space where entrepreneurial passion meets support, making it a valuable asset for startups and investors alike​​.


5. TABU: Revolutionising Salary Negotiations


TABU on Behance


TABU, a Zagreb-based startup established in 2022, is redefining salary negotiations and market insights. With an initial funding of €100k, TABU developed a platform that facilitates transparent and effective salary discussions for individuals, while providing businesses with critical market trend data. In just a short span, it amassed over 18,000 users, highlighting the high demand for fair and accurate salary benchmarks.

TABU’s platform is a boon for tech professionals seeking equitable pay and businesses aiming for competitive compensation strategies, making it a significant player in the human resources technology sector.



6. Fonoa: Simplifying Tax Management Globally


Jobs at Fonoa


Fonoa, founded in 2018, is revolutionising tax management for businesses worldwide. With a significant $25M funding raised in 2021, Fonoa’s platform automates complex tax tasks such as validation, calculations, and reporting.

Managing over 300 million tax transactions annually, their API solution integrates seamlessly into business workflows, enabling real-time transaction reporting to governments. As they expand their operations to over 140 countries, Fonoa stands out as a leader in fintech, simplifying global tax compliance and facilitating easier business operations across borders.


7. Codemap.io: Redefining Software Development with No-Code Solutions


Codemap | EU-Startups


Codemap.io is transforming the software development landscape with its innovative no-code talent marketplace. Launched with a vision to democratise software creation, the startup secured $250k in funding in 2022, highlighting its potential in the burgeoning no-code sector.

Codemap.io connects businesses with expert no-code and low-code developers, accelerating project timelines and reducing development complexity. Their platform is particularly valuable for startups and SMEs, offering a cost-effective way to leverage software automation and digital transformation, thus marking a significant shift in how software solutions are developed and deployed.


8. Wasp: Streamlining Full-Stack Web App Development


Wasp: Configuration language for building enterprise web ...


Wasp is a Zagreb-based startup reshaping the landscape of web application development. Established with a mission to simplify the process, Wasp integrates frontend, backend, and deployment into a seamless workflow. This innovative approach, supported by $1.5M in funding, has garnered attention for its efficiency and ease of use. Wasp’s no-configuration-required platform is particularly appealing to developers looking for streamlined, scalable solutions.

By reducing the complexities typically associated with web app development, Wasp is quickly becoming a go-to resource for developers seeking to build modern, robust web applications with minimal hassle.


9. Spotsie: Positioning with IoT


Spotsie (@spotsie_io) / X


Spotsie, based in Zagreb and founded in 2019, offers an innovative positioning solution utilising Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

This platform provides detailed location data for both static and moving objects in various environments, enhancing work operations and managerial oversight. Spotsie’s technology aids in optimising production, refining processes, improving transportation, and enhancing the safety of workers and equipment. Additionally, it contributes to reducing carbon footprints, making it particularly influential in the oil industry as it moves towards a low-carbon future


10. SWEN: Modernising Property Management for Campsites


SWEN - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


SWEN, a startup based in Zagreb, specialises in property management software for campsites. Founded in 2020, SWEN has raised €1.6 million to enhance the camping experience across Europe. Their platform automates various processes, from booking to check-out, reducing administrative burdens and increasing visitor satisfaction.

In an era where camping is gaining popularity, SWEN’s technology is vital for campsite providers struggling with digitisation. The platform’s ease of use and efficiency make it a standout solution in the travel tech industry, bringing modern, digital solutions to a traditionally analog sector.

These ten startups from Croatia illustrate the diversity and dynamism within the country’s startup ecosystem. From simplifying complex tasks to creating novel platforms, they are not just shaping their industries but also setting trends for the global market. As 2024 unfolds, these companies are undoubtedly the ones to keep an eye on for innovation, growth, and impactful solutions.

Source: vestbee