10 Startups In Iraq To Watch In 2024

Iraq’s startup ecosystem is thriving, with new businesses innovating everyday in the country.

Here’s a look at ten Iraqi startups making significant strides. Let’s explore..


1. Nakhla: Enhancing Agritech



Nakhla is an Iraqi agritech social enterprise that focuses on a core economy in Iraq: palm trees. The company provides care services for preserving, boosting and exporting date palms to ensure it’s remains a key economy in the region.

Not only that, the startup also aims to ensure more job opportunities in the sector, as well as reducing pollution in the country. A recent investment round, facilitated by the Iraqi Angel Investors Network, will hopefully propel the company further, allowing it to make its mark.


2. Eduba: EdTech’s Super App


الصفحة الرئيسية | Eduba


Eduba is redefining educational technology in Iraq with its ‘Super App.’

The app offers an all-in-one service for school stakeholders, catering to the needs of students, parents, educators and administrators in the community. The app’s unique blend of services that assist with all areas of running a school caters to a wide range of needs, positioning it as a leader in the EdTech space in Iraq.


3. Padash: Streamlining Food Delivery


Customer data solution for restaurants and cafes


Padash is transforming the food delivery landscape in Iraq. Founded in 2023, Padash allows restaurants to handle their own delivery and pick-up orders – minimising reliance on third parties and allowing them to take back control of their orders.

By offering tools and a marketplace at a cost five times lower than traditional delivery services – which can heavily affect a restaurants’ bottom line – Padash is allowing restaurants to manage orders independently, helping them engage customers and boost revenue.


4. Nosoh: Advocating Mental Health


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Nosoh, a startup founded by Marwa Al-Mashally, is focusing on mental health awareness and services for Iraqi women. Recognising the gap in mental health awareness in Iraq, Nosoh aims to break the stigma and provide accessible care.

The startup’s mission is especially vital in a society where mental health often goes undiscussed, particularly among women. Nosoh offers a range of services from counselling to educational resources, addressing anxiety and other mental health issues. This initiative not only offers support and treatment but also works towards creating a broader understanding of mental health care in Iraq.


5. Baly.iq: Iraq’s Emerging Superapp


تطبيق بلي


Baly.iq is emerging as Iraq’s travel superapp, set to innovate within the transport and delivery landscape of the country. Created by a team of young Iraqis and supported by Rocket Internet, Baly.iq aims to integrate multiple transport services into a single platform. The app allows users to ride in a taxi or get food delivered, all from one central platform.

Baly.iq’s development demonstrates the innovative spirit and technological advancement within Iraq, driven by a generation of tech-savvy entrepreneurs.



6. Orderii: Redefining Cross-Border E-Commerce



Orderii is an online store that allows Iraqis to shop from a number of global sites all in one place. The platform not only helps people purchase international products but also streamlines logistics, making it easier for Iraqis to buy globally – specifically from places like Turkey and the U.S.

The intuitive platform and fair pricing means Iraqis can shop at their favourite international brands, getting fast delivery to their door.


7. Bina: Connecting Construction Skills



Bina is a digital platform that provides a faster and easier way for people to find skilled construction workers – and source construction materials – in Iraq.

The platform allows both workers and companies to share feedback, making it easier to search for the right job.

By developing a platform that provides an intuitive and user-friendly solution for Iraq’s construction sector, Bina is becoming a core tool for all sides.


8. Homele: Iraq’s Top Property Portal


PPW Conference Madrid 2023


Established in 2020, Homele has quickly become the leading property portal in Iraq. This platform allows people to search for properties to buy and rent in their local area.

Offering over thousands of property listings, Homele allows users to search by location, price, property type and many others.

With its user-friendly interface, Homele is the go-to app for anyone looking to navigate Iraq’s real estate market.


9. Kawenter: Travel Solutions


About Kawenter Corporation - Hospitality company in Iraq | F6S


Kawenter is a travel startup that’s making it easier for Iraqis to explore the world.

The company simplifies the complex process of getting travel visas, by streamlining the application process. Through the app, users can apply for a visa in up to 180 countries, get embassy information and get travel insurance.

With its fresh approach, Kawenter is not only simplifying travel arrangements but also opening up new horizons for thousands of Iraqi travellers.


10. ZoodPay: Payment Systems Solutions

Fintech ZoodPay raises USD 38 million for its Buy Now Pay Later app

ZoodPay is transforming finance  in Iraq with its “Buy Now Pay Later” (BNPL) model. The app offers a flexible and interest free payment solution – allowing people to shop online or in stores and pay it back in 4, 6, or 12 installments.

Alongside its BNPL offering, it provides flexible financial solutions, making it easier for individuals and SMEs to manage their spending and budgeting.


These ten startups are not just businesses; they represent the entrepreneurial spirit of Iraq. Keep an eye on as they grow and evolve into 2024…


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