10 Startups In Kuwait To Watch

Kuwait’s startup scene is buzzing with innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

As we step into 2024, there are a few startups that are particularly noteworthy for their unique offerings and potential impact. Here’s a look at ten such companies.


1. Qesma: Islamic-Compliant Buy-Now-Pay-Later Service




Qesma is transforming the financial landscape in Kuwait with its unique Islamic-compliant buy-now-pay-later service. This innovative startup caters to the growing demand for Sharia-compliant financial solutions, allowing customers to make purchases and defer payments in a way that aligns with Islamic financial principles.

By eliminating interest and focusing on ethical financing, Qesma is not only providing a valuable service to the Muslim community but is also pioneering a new trend in the fintech industry. This approach demonstrates a deep understanding of cultural and religious values, making Qesma a standout in the competitive world of financial technology.


2. Li3ib: Comprehensive Sports Management


Li3ib - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Li3ib is making a significant mark in the sports industry in Kuwait with its comprehensive approach to sports management. This company goes beyond the traditional boundaries of sports facility management by actively promoting sports activities and nurturing athletic talent at various levels.

Their services encompass a range of aspects from facility upkeep to event organisation, creating a cohesive and supportive environment for sports enthusiasts. Li3ib’s commitment to enhancing the sports infrastructure and culture in Kuwait highlights their dedication to not just business success, but also to fostering a healthier, more active community.


3. IdeaLink: Innovators In 3D Printing And Robotics


IdeaLink | Kuwait 3D Printing Arduino Robotics Express Shipping — idealink


IdeaLink stands at the forefront of technological innovation in Kuwait, specialising in 3D printing and robotics. This company is more than just a supplier of high-tech equipment; it’s a thriving hub for creativity and innovation.

IdeaLink offers a wide range of products, from Arduino kits to Raspberry Pi components, catering to both hobbyists and professionals. Their commitment to supporting and inspiring the maker community is evident in their diverse product range and educational initiatives. By empowering individuals and businesses to explore the possibilities of 3D printing and robotics, IdeaLink is playing a crucial role in shaping Kuwait’s future in technology.


4. Tabeeby: Telemedicine At Your Fingertips


Tabeeby - HealthTech Alpha


Tabeeby is changing healthcare accessibility in Kuwait with its cutting-edge telemedicine app. This digital platform bridges the gap between patients and healthcare professionals, offering a convenient, efficient, and confidential way to receive medical consultations.

With the growing emphasis on digital health solutions, Tabeeby caters to a modern audience that values prompt and easy access to healthcare services. The app’s user-friendly interface and secure communication channels ensure a seamless and reassuring experience for users, making healthcare more accessible than ever. Tabeeby represents a significant leap forward in the digitalisation of healthcare in Kuwait.


5. Sihaty General Trading Company: Virtual-First Primary Healthcare


Sihaty | The Taken Seat


Sihaty General Trading Company is pioneering a virtual-first approach to primary healthcare in Kuwait. Recognising the growing need for accessible and integrated healthcare services, Sihaty focuses on delivering high-quality virtual care.

Their innovative model combines the convenience of digital technology with the expertise of healthcare professionals, making primary care more accessible, especially for those with limited mobility or time constraints. This approach not only streamlines the healthcare process but also ensures a higher level of patient engagement and satisfaction. Sihaty’s vision of a virtual-first healthcare system is set to transform the primary healthcare landscape in Kuwait.



6. Kem: Pioneering Peer-To-Peer Payments In Kuwait


Uniqarn - Kem


Kem is at the forefront of financial technology in Kuwait, introducing the first peer-to-peer payment system in the country. This innovative platform simplifies the way individuals transfer money, enabling quick, secure, and hassle-free transactions.

In an era where digital financial solutions are increasingly sought after, Kem offers a vital service that aligns with the modern consumer’s need for convenience and efficiency. Their user-friendly interface and robust security measures position Kem as a trustworthy and indispensable tool in everyday financial transactions. As Kuwait moves towards a more digitalised economy, Kem’s pioneering role in peer-to-peer payments is a significant development.


7. JustClean: Technology-Driven Laundry Solutions


JustClean :: Behance


JustClean is changing the laundry industry in Kuwait with its innovative, technology-driven solutions. This startup offers a comprehensive platform that connects consumers with laundry services, providing marketplace applications, Software as a Service (SaaS), and logistics support.

JustClean simplifies the process of getting laundry done by offering a seamless, digital-first experience. Their service is not just about cleaning clothes; it’s about providing convenience, saving time, and enhancing the overall customer experience. As a pioneer in the laundry technology sector, JustClean is setting new standards for efficiency and customer service in a traditionally manual industry.


8. Smart Space: App-Controlled Personal Storage


About Smart Space - Net Infrastructure company in Kuwait | F6S


Smart Space is redefining personal storage solutions in Kuwait with its innovative, app-controlled approach. This unique startup provides a storage area where customers can securely store their belongings and manage them entirely through a mobile app.

This service is particularly appealing in today’s fast-paced world, where convenience and flexibility are paramount. Smart Space’s digital approach to storage not only offers unmatched convenience but also caters to the growing demand for on-demand services in all aspects of life. By integrating technology into the storage industry, Smart Space is carving out a niche in the market.


9. Nutribox: Empowering Personal Wellness


Nutribox – Apps no Google Play


Nutribox is a trailblazer in the health and wellness sector in Kuwait with its award-winning wellness app. This app empowers users to become their healthiest selves by providing personalised health and wellness coaching.

Nutribox understands the importance of tailored health solutions in today’s world, where each individual has unique health needs and goals. Their approach combines technology with expert knowledge to offer a comprehensive wellness experience, making it easier for users to make informed health choices. Nutribox is not just an app; it’s a personal wellness coach, guiding users on their journey to better health.


10. PlantBaby: Nourishing Future Generations


PlantBaby Shows Strong Growth as It Enters Third Year and Makes Way to Go  International


PlantBaby is dedicated to nourishing and empowering future generations in Kuwait through its focus on health and nutrition. This innovative startup is on a mission to inform, educate, and provide healthy food options, particularly for young children.

PlantBaby’s commitment goes beyond just selling products; it’s about creating a healthier future for the next generation. They emphasise the importance of nutrition from an early age, aligning with the growing awareness of healthy living. By focusing on the well-being of children, PlantBaby is not only a business but also a contributor to the societal goal of raising a healthier, more informed generation.


These ten startups are not just businesses; they are the frontrunners of change and innovation in Kuwait. From fintech to healthcare, from sports management to personal wellness, they are shaping the future in their respective industries. As 2024 unfolds, these startups are definitely worth keeping an eye on.