10 Startups in Malta To Keep An Eye On in 2024

The Maltese startup scene growing exponentially.

As we move into 2024, a new wave of startups is emerging, showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit of this Mediterranean nation. Here are ten startups from Malta that are making waves in various industries.


1. Xaya: Decentralised Blockchain Gaming Worlds




Xaya is at the forefront of revolutionising the gaming industry with its decentralised blockchain technology specifically tailored for gaming. This innovative platform enables the creation of fully autonomous, blockchain-based gaming worlds that are scalable and secure. Xaya’s groundbreaking approach allows for real-time, cost-effective gaming experiences without the need for centralised servers.

It opens up new possibilities for game developers to create complex and rich gaming universes that are governed by blockchain, ensuring transparency and fairness for all players. This technology heralds a new era in gaming, where players have true ownership and control over their gaming assets and experiences.


2. The Student Campus: Virtual Learning and Collaboration


The Student Campus


The Student Campus is transforming the educational landscape with its intuitive learning management system, designed to facilitate virtual learning and collaboration. This platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools tailored to the needs of both students and educators.

It includes features for course management, video conferencing, and collaborative projects, making it an ideal solution for today’s digital learning environments. The Student Campus focuses on enhancing the learning experience by providing a seamless, interactive, and accessible platform. It bridges the gap between traditional classroom settings and the digital world, enabling a more flexible and engaging educational experience for learners worldwide.


3. FlippingBook: Professional Online Document Creation




FlippingBook is a game-changer in the digital publishing industry, offering advanced software and cloud services for creating professional and engaging online documents. Their platform transforms static PDFs into interactive digital flipbooks, complete with customisable features like branding, videos, and links.

FlippingBook’s solution caters to a variety of users, from small businesses to large corporations, providing them with tools to create visually appealing and interactive online brochures, catalogs, and magazines. This innovative approach enhances the reader’s experience and expands the reach and impact of digital content, making FlippingBook a key player in the evolution of online document presentation.


4. Zebrainy: Edutainment for Preschoolers




Zebrainy is leading the way in early childhood education with its innovative edutainment platform tailored for preschoolers. This mobile app combines fun and learning through a variety of interactive games, stories,

and activities designed to spark curiosity and foster learning in young children. Zebrainy’s content is carefully crafted to promote cognitive development, language skills, and creative thinking. With a colorful and engaging interface, the app makes learning enjoyable and accessible for little ones. The platform focuses on developing a strong foundation of knowledge and skills in preschoolers, preparing them for a lifelong journey of learning. Zebrainy stands out for its commitment to making early education both fun and impactful, helping to shape the minds of future generations.


5. Fyorin: Streamlining Payments and Financial Operations




Fyorin is revolutionising the way businesses handle their financial operations with its innovative payment and financial management platform. Designed to simplify and streamline complex financial processes, Fyorin offers a comprehensive solution that integrates various aspects of business finance, from payments to budgeting.

Their platform is particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized enterprises, providing them with the tools to manage their finances more efficiently and effectively. Fyorin’s user-friendly interface and automation capabilities reduce the time and effort required for financial administration, enabling businesses to focus on growth and development. Fyorin is setting new standards in financial operations, making them more accessible and manageable for businesses of all sizes.



6. Covery.ai: Global Risk Management Solutions




Covery.ai stands at the forefront of risk management technology, offering a global platform that helps online businesses mitigate and manage risks. Specialising in fraud prevention, their solutions employ advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to identify and counteract fraudulent activities in real time. Covery.ai’s platform is versatile, catering to various industries including e-commerce, fintech, and online gaming.

It provides comprehensive risk assessment tools that enable businesses to make informed decisions and protect their operations from potential threats. The platform’s proactive approach to risk management ensures that businesses stay ahead of emerging threats, safeguarding their assets and reputation in the digital landscape.


7. BitBay: Secure Bitcoin and Litecoin Exchange




BitBay is a dynamic player in the cryptocurrency exchange market, specialising in Bitcoin and Litecoin transactions. This platform stands out for its strong emphasis on security and user-friendly experience, making it a reliable choice for both novice and experienced traders.

BitBay supports multiple currencies, including USD, PLN, and EUR, offering a versatile platform for global users. The exchange prides itself on fast, secure transactions, and a robust infrastructure that ensures a seamless trading experience. With advanced features like real-time trading and detailed analytics, BitBay is not just a trading platform but a comprehensive solution for those looking to invest in the evolving world of cryptocurrencies.


8. EC English: Expanding Career Options Through English Learning


EC English


EC English is a leader in language education, focusing on enhancing career opportunities through English proficiency. Their language courses are designed to cater to a wide range of needs, from academic readiness to professional advancement.

EC English offers an immersive learning experience, combining innovative teaching methodologies with practical application. Students benefit from a curriculum that is both comprehensive and adaptable to individual learning goals. By providing skills that are crucial in the global marketplace, EC English plays a pivotal role in expanding educational and career options for its learners, breaking down language barriers and opening doors to new possibilities.


9. Time to Eat: Leading the Way in Food Delivery and Takeaway


Time to Eat - Crunchbase Company Profile & Funding


Time to Eat is revolutionising the food delivery and takeaway industry in Malta. As a leading service provider, they offer a wide array of culinary choices, connecting customers with a diverse range of restaurants and cuisines.

Time to Eat is known for its user-friendly platform, efficient service, and commitment to customer satisfaction. They cater to the fast-paced lifestyle of modern consumers, providing a convenient and reliable solution for meal ordering. Whether it’s a cosy dinner at home or a quick lunch at the office, Time to Eat delivers quality and convenience, making them a go-to choice for food delivery and takeaway services.


10. DRCT: Air Travel with a Neoairline Ecosystem




DRCT is pioneering the concept of a ‘neoairline,’ transforming the traditional airline industry with its disruptive ecosystem. This innovative platform aims to directly connect passengers and airlines, streamlining the travel experience and offering more control and flexibility to travelers. DRCT’s approach is cantered around leveraging technology to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and improve customer satisfaction.

By simplifying the booking process and offering tailored travel options, DRCT addresses the growing demand for personalised and convenient air travel. Their vision of a unified ecosystem marks a significant shift in the airline industry, promising a more integrated and traveller-centric approach to flying.


These ten startups are great examples of innovation and progress in Malta. As we watch them grow in 2024, their journeys will undoubtedly inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs. Keep an eye on these Maltese startups, we’re sure it’ll be worth it!