10 Startups In Monaco To Keep An Eye On

Monaco, known for its glamour and luxury, is also becoming a hotspot for innovative startups. In 2024, several companies are set to make waves in various industries. Here’s a look at ten startups from Monaco that are worth watching.


1. Y.CO – Comprehensive Yacht Services


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Y.CO, a Monaco-based company, is setting a new standard in luxury marine services with its comprehensive range of yacht offerings. Specialising in yacht sales, charter, management, and charter management, Y.CO caters to the elite demands of the yachting community.

Their expert team provides personalised service, ensuring each client’s needs are met with the utmost professionalism and discretion. Whether it’s finding the perfect yacht for purchase or creating unforgettable charter experiences, Y.CO’s in-depth industry knowledge and attention to detail make them a go-to for discerning yacht enthusiasts.


2. USAVE – Gold-Backed Cryptocurrency


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USAVE is pioneering a new era in the cryptocurrency market with its innovative approach of backing digital currency with physical gold. Operating out of Monaco, this startup offers a stable and secure alternative to traditional cryptocurrencies, addressing the common concerns of volatility and tangibility.

By linking digital assets to gold, USAVE ensures greater stability and trust in their cryptocurrency, making it an attractive option for investors seeking a more reliable digital currency. Their model not only enhances investment security but also bridges the gap between traditional and digital assets.


3. Discloser – AI-Powered ESG Reporting


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Discloser, emerging from Monaco’s dynamic tech landscape, is changing the way companies approach Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting. Their AI-powered platform streamlines the sustainability reporting process by automating data collection and report generation.

This technology enables businesses to achieve comprehensive ESG compliance with ease, fostering collaboration and offering unmatched transparency. Discloser’s innovative approach simplifies complex reporting requirements, making it an essential tool for companies committed to sustainable and responsible business practices in today’s environmentally conscious market.


4. Net0 – AI-Powered Carbon Management


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Net0 is spearheading environmental sustainability in the corporate sector with its AI-powered carbon management platform. This innovative startup, based in Monaco, offers businesses a sophisticated tool to accurately track and manage their carbon footprint.

By harnessing artificial intelligence, Net0 provides insightful analytics and actionable strategies, enabling companies to make informed decisions towards reducing their environmental impact. This technology is pivotal for organisations striving to meet global sustainability standards, positioning Net0 as a leader in the fight against climate change.


5. MARSS – Marine and Land Asset Tracking


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MARSS is revolutionising asset security with its advanced tracking solutions for both marine and land-based assets. This Monaco-based startup has developed a state-of-the-art system that enables precise monitoring and protection of valuable assets.

Their technology, encompassing robust tracking devices and integrated software, provides real-time data, enhancing safety and operational efficiency. MARSS caters to a range of industries, from maritime to high-value logistics, offering peace of mind and security in an increasingly interconnected and mobile world.



6. Trippers – Group Getaway Planning App


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Trippers, emerging from Monaco’s vibrant tech scene, is transforming group travel with its comprehensive getaway planning app. The platform simplifies the often complex process of organising group trips, from selecting destinations to finalising itineraries. Users can effortlessly coordinate travel plans, accommodations, and activities, making group holiday planning a breeze.

Trippers’ user-friendly interface, combined with its extensive database of travel options, ensures a seamless and enjoyable travel planning experience, making it an indispensable tool for travel enthusiasts.


7. InnoDeep – AI-Driven Cancer Detection


InnoDeep.net – Augmented Intelligence Start-up


InnoDeep, a Monaco-based tech startup, is advancing cancer detection with its AI-driven technology. Their innovative algorithm, combined with 3D reconstructions, significantly enhances the accuracy and speed of cancer diagnosis, particularly in early-stage breast cancer detection.

This technology, integrating human expertise with artificial intelligence, provides a powerful tool for doctors, enabling quicker and more precise identification of cancerous cells. InnoDeep’s approach represents a major leap forward in oncology, offering new hope for early detection and treatment, and positioning them at the forefront of medical technology advancements.


8. DWorld – VR-Based Virtual Experience


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DWorld, a Monaco-based startup, is pioneering the virtual reality (VR) space with its digital twin-based platform. They offer immersive VR experiences, allowing users to explore and interact with digital environments in a highly realistic manner.

This technology has vast potential across various sectors, including education, real estate, and entertainment. DWorld’s platform not only enhances virtual experiences but also paves the way for innovative applications of VR technology, making them a key player in the rapidly evolving digital world.


9. FGWRS – Efficient Grey Water Recycling


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FGWRS, operating from Monaco, is leading the way in water conservation with its efficient grey water recycling systems. Their technology is capable of recycling up to 80% of grey water from sources like showers, sinks, and washing machines.

Not only does this reduce the consumption of drinkable water resources, but FGWRS’s systems also recover energy, adding an extra layer of sustainability. This innovative approach to water management is essential in addressing global water scarcity, making FGWRS a crucial player in environmental sustainability.


10. TriMed – Reducing Pharmaceutical Waste




TriMed, a Monaco-based startup, is tackling the issue of pharmaceutical waste with an ecological approach. Their strategy focuses on reducing the stock of expired health products by offering them at discounted prices before their expiration dates. This initiative helps pharmacists manage their inventory more effectively, minimising waste and promoting more efficient product management.

TriMed’s solution not only benefits the environment by reducing waste but also offers financial benefits to both the pharmaceutical industry and consumers, making it a win-win in sustainable healthcare practices.


In conclusion, these ten Monaco-based startups are not just shaping their respective industries but also setting trends globally. Their innovative approaches and technologies signify a bright future, making them key players to watch in 2024 and beyond.