10 Startups In Uruguay To Keep An Eye On

Uruguay stands out as a pioneering force in South America’s entrepreneurial landscape, emerging as a vibrant hub for startups. As we embark on 2024, the spotlight shines on ten Uruguayan startups that are reshaping industries with their ingenuity and forward-thinking business models.

In the coming years, Uruguay’s startup scene is poised to flourish further. But, for now, from fintech to e-commerce, these startups exemplify Uruguay’s diverse entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to innovation.


1. Clinkky



Clinkky App represents an innovative approach to instilling financial literacy and savings habits in children. This interactive platform can impart useful money management skills to its users while fostering an appreciation for the value of money.

Through entertaining rewards and collaborative incentives, the Clinkky App empowers not only children but the entire family on the best ways to save. Through programming and distributing your money virtually, the platform allows you to teach kids how to handle money without needing to give them actual currency.

The Clinkky App can be downloaded on the App Store and Google Play, ensuring its worldwide accessibility.


2. Strike




This cybersecurity startup doesn’t just aspire to assist companies in addressing critical vulnerabilities; it strives to do so with greater speed and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional cybersecurity approaches.

Unlike the conventional method, which often entails lengthy and expensive annual vulnerability assessments, Strike provides a more agile solution. With Strike, companies benefit from continuous protection, regular assessments, and swift resolution of vulnerabilities which can identified swiftly within the first 5 hours.


3. Meitre




Meitre is “Proudly born in Uruguay”, and this startup is leading the way in Uruguay’s foodtech scene. Restaurants simply need to enlist on the platform, and Meitre takes charge of personalised marketing initiatives aligned with your brand and management system. This enables you to expand your clientele, boost sales, and foster customer loyalty.

Having already amassed a network of 2 million users, Meitre does not levy any commissions for directing additional clients to your establishment, allowing you to grow your base without taking from your success.

4. Binco




Founded just last year, Binco is already having waves in the FinTech scene. This platform enables merchants to operate on an international level with ease, enabling them to process Payouts and Payins seamlessly in local currencies and centralise their business expenses in a single account issuing their own branded Binco cards.

Subsequently, Binco allows users to operate worldwide with as much ease as they would enjoy in their local market, allowing you to take control of your finances and offer high-quality financial services to your stakeholders.


5. The Climate Box


the climate box


The Climate Box evaluates frost risks within specific microclimates like orchards, farms, or vineyards, providing invaluable insights into crop phenology throughout the season. This innovative startup conducts weekly assessments during the risk period to determine the necessary temperature increments for achieving frost-free conditions.

Furthermore, The Climate Box offers strategic guidance on site planning and crop planting. By analysing the most critical risk periods for frost, it identifies optimal planting dates, enabling you to plan and plant your crops effectively.



6. nocnoc




With nocnoc, expanding your business across Latin America is simpler than ever before. Register with the platform and have your products showcased in nocnoc’s megastores on the region’s largest marketplaces.

No matter what products you offer, nocnoc guarantees high visibility across Latin American markets. They prioritise excellent customer reviews, provide purchase support, and ensure timely deliveries – all tailored to the local language and preferences of your business.


7. GU Trade


GU Trade


Want to be kept in touch in real time with each point of your sale? Then GU trade offers the tech solution. This platform guarantees flawless execution across your commercial strategies. With esteemed clients like Coca-Cola and Nestle, GU Trade provides essential tools such as data collection and analytics.

By harnessing these features, GU Trade enables you to gather valuable data from various points of sale and monitor it in real-time. Moreover, stakeholders can receive email updates containing all the pertinent information gathered, ensuring seamless communication and informed decision-making.


8. Bankingly




Bankingly stands as one of Uruguay’s foremost fintech startups, known for its commitment to partnering with small to medium financial institutions across emerging markets worldwide. Its mission is to promote financial health and inclusion, irrespective of the size of the institution.

Bankingly operates on a collaborative model, working closely with its partner institutions to help them achieve their unique objectives and extend their services to all sectors of society.

With ambitious aspirations, Bankingly has already made strides in global markets and now aims to serve 5 million customers by 2026, signalling its determination to expand its impact on a global scale.






VOPERO is on a mission: Revolutionise sustainable clothing by minimising waste and maximizing positive impacts on environmental, economic, and human resources.

Through its innovative approach, VOPERO enables garments to circulate within a scalable system for reuse, significantly reducing the carbon footprint associated with each piece. This initiative also makes these pieces more accessible to a broader audience, contributing to a more sustainable and inclusive fashion industry.


10. Handy




Managing sales can often be challenging, entailing a lot of paperwork and other complications. Handy aims to solve this problem. The platform provides a solution that simplifies sales collection, allowing you to focus on what really matters: growing your business.

With Handy, accessing comprehensive sales details becomes effortless, all from one unified platform. Moreover, their tool assists you throughout the selling process, ensuring you never miss a sale or get overwhelmed by paperwork. Stay on top of your sales in real-time with Handy, empowering you to focus on growth without the hassle.