8 BabyTech Startups For New Parents

According to QuoteZone, the NHS says that there are 1,600 babies born a day, or one birth every 54 seconds in the UK.

It’s no surprise then that the tech world is seeing a surge in babytech companies. From innovative feeding solutions to smart monitoring systems, these companies are helping new parents navigate this exciting time.

So let’s take a look at 10 BabyTech companies that new parents should explore…




Mamamade - Fresh & Organic Baby Food Delivery


Specialising in nurturing young children through diet, Mamamade offers a subscription service delivering organic, plant-based meals for babies and toddlers.

The brand has rapidly grown, driven by a community of like-minded parents seeking nutritious and easy meals for their little ones. The success of Mamamade shows just how important health-conscious, convenient feeding options are for the modern family.




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Founded by Nicole Ratcliffe, a holistic family sleep coach, Baby2Sleep offers parents support and courses aimed at improving sleep for their babies and children.

Through a range of online courses and resources, Baby2Sleep gives parents the knowledge and techniques to foster better sleep habits and navigate parenthood.



Whirli – Packaging Of The World


Changing the way families think about toys, Whirli is a toy subscription service that lets children enjoy a rotating selection of toys.

This approach encourages a sustainable, clutter-free lifestyle. And, if children love the toys they are given, parents have the opportunity to buy them! Whirli’s model shows the growing demand for eco-conscious, and cost-effective toy solutions.







With the innovative Dream Sock, Owlet is a leader in baby health monitoring.

This product tracks a baby’s vital signs, such as sleep patterns and heart rate, to offer parents peace of mind and help curb anxiety.

Owlet’s technology not only helps parents have peace of mind when it comes to their newborns, but it also ensures they have valuable insights about their baby’s wellbeing at their fingertips.





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Created by a seasoned nanny, Louenna is an app that serves as a digital nanny.

The app provides a ton of resources and knowledge, including schedules, recipes, and activities, as well as guidance on common questions parents have about their newborns.

Louenna is a great app to get new parents more comfortable caring for their baby, all in one centralised place.





Specialising in baby monitoring, Nanit uses AI-powered cameras to offer insights into a baby’s sleep and growth.

A play on the traditional baby monitor, this blend of technology and data shows how important tracking wellbeing is to new parents.

Not only does the company provide data, but it also provides a whole range of resources to help parents stay informed about the best childcare practices.




Shop Official Home of SnuzPod, SnuzKot & SnuzPouch | Snüz


Snuzbaby is helping parents get a better night’s sleep with their innovatively designed children’s beds. Designed by baby sleep experts, their range of products are designed with sleep optimisation in mind.

The company has expanded its product range to include bedside cribs, cots, Moses baskets, and mattresses, all helping children get a better night’s sleep.




ByHeart Secures $70M Series A Financing Ahead of First Planned Product Launch in 2021


ByHeart is making waves in the baby nutrition sector with a formula that closely imitates breast milk.

The company is breaking down the idea that formula feeding is worse for newborns by providing new parents with an organic, clinically tested formula that is as close to breast milk as possible.