Giig launches Free Recruitment Software to support SME’s and Start-Ups during the pandemic.

If you’re an SME Owner, Start-Up Founder or Talent Manager Giig wants to help you with a free app that will save you splashing out cash on recruitment software!

During the pandemic, the Giig team has been inspired by the community feel that the virus has created in the UK and started to think about how they could innovate to support SME’s and Start-ups with free recruitment software.


Giig’s free ATS will be launched on the 18th of May in the UK. The app allows you to organise your recruitment process by storing all your candidates in the same place alongside then having the ability to manage your interview pipeline

We spoke with Luke Pitkin (Founder) about why Giig have decided to create something for free:

“We’re always looking to give back and add value wherever we can and couldn’t think of a better time to do this. We’re lucky in the sense that we make our revenue from our ‘Giig Hire’ product which allows us to create a completely free ATS to help people save some money in a tough economic environment”.

The Giig ATS is a spin-off product from the original Giig Hire platform which means that users will get to access 2 years’ worth of development work for free. There will be no restriction on how long you can use the platform for, how many users you can have on the system, or how many jobs you can run.

The guys aren’t even going to ask for your credit card details, so you can keep your wallet in your pocket.

The Giig ATS will provide you with the following features:

– Ability to add and edit every job you’re recruiting for.

– Add candidates into your own database by simply dragging and dropping a CV.

– Organising your recruitment process on an interactive board where candidate profiles can be dragged along the process.

– Leaving comments on candidate profiles post-interview for other team members to review.

– Confirming the dates and times of interviews so you can easily structure your week.

– Store all candidates in one location so at any point you can come back and review old candidates that you’ve previously reviewed.

Over the last 2 years, Giig has embarked on a mission to change the landscape of the recruitment industry by creating recruitment software.

They have two products (GiigHire & Giig Free ATS) that help managers to organise their recruitment process whilst also searching for and hiring hard to reach talent.

The GiigHire platform creates a recruitment marketplace that connects hiring managers to Independent Recruiters that can support the business by headhunting talent. The marketplace is built on trust and transparency, so all of the recruiters are rated and reviewed which makes it easy for employers to pick the best performers.

Giig pride themselves on creating simple, easy to use software which is why when working with GiigHire hiring managers set the recruitment fee, don’t have to pay unless they hire and everything is handled by a single set of terms and conditions.

You can sign up to Giig’s free ATS by heading over to