Tech companies Iotatech and Optalitix announce new proposition to give insurers competitive advantage 

Iotatech, provider of a pay-per-use insurance platform, and Optalitix, which creates systems programmed in Excel, have launched a joint product for clients using the Iotatech Platform.

Iotatech clients can now programme their insurance systems using Excel models. 

According to Dani Katz, co-founder of Optalitix, this allows insurers to create smarter pricing, renewal and claims services at a much lower cost than any other provider. Moreover,  no system developers are needed and the system can be scaled up to service massive client volumes using the Cloud. 






Dani explained: “This gives Iotatech clients a significant competitive advantage due to the speed of change and ability to adapt their pricing and retention algorithms more quickly in the market, with no coding needed.” 

He added: “It will remove system bottlenecks and create a community of Excel users within insurers that are able to programme large systems using their business knowledge. 



Areas where significant benefits can be realised by Iotatech customers include:

  • Configurable underwriting rules allowing clients to adapt more quickly to risk and market conditions. 
  • Personalised messaging to increase renewal rates,
  • Targeted, personalised discounts to improve sales conversion, 
  • More accurate reserving, 
  • Improved claims management at first notification of loss and smarter fraud prevention,
  • Personalised customer journeys to create a better customer experience,
  • Customised commission calculations improve broker personalisation


Ahmad Mosa, Iotatech CTO said: “This successful collaboration with the Optalitix team, integrating our modern SaaS solutions through Iotatech’s configurable integration service could not have been easier. I am confident that our clients adopting this method of building models and algorithms will more easily solve complex business problems, adding competitive advantage to their businesses”


Dani Katz said: “We look forward to creating real innovation and value for Iotatech’s clients that can now use spreadsheets to create valuable insight in the insurance process.”